What Is CRM System?

Perhaps you have asked, “What is a CRM system?”

Well, you are not alone. Lots of people are asking that question. You see the term CRM a lot. So it makes sense you’d want to know what it means.

A CRM system is a Customer/Client Relationship Management system. It’s technology that helps your business development and sales teams work more effectively. CRMs store your contacts digitally; provide audit trails for interactions with contacts; automate contact outreach; and more. The basic idea is that contact and client relationship activities will be easier. They can also be performed with better results.

Why Do CRM Systems Matter?

That’s a great question! Why do they matter?

In fact, they matter quite a bit. CRM systems can help your team work more effectively, creating better results and eliminating the stress of tedious tasks.

How so? If you’ve been wondering what is CRM system, this is an answer you will want to pay attention to.

Haven’t you wished you could digitize your customers and clients, creating an e-Rolodex of the contacts that matter for your business? A good CRM can do that, giving you a digital resource for performing, tracking and engaging on sales and other activities.

That’s not all, however. JobDiva’s CRM system gives you an Opportunity system, which gives you easy access to a bird’s-eye view of your sales funnel, from first contact to close. Mass email contacts, create client ‘hotlists’ and auto-save emails to contacts’ JobDiva records, plus much more.

And JobDiva’s contact analytics automatically analyze your business performance, so that you can make smarter, more informed decisions.

So there’s not only that digitized database of contacts on offer. There’s also a vast array of automation and analytics for business contacts. That goes a long way toward guiding you toward your business growth goals.

What Should I Look for in CRM Systems?

So far, we’ve answered questions about what is CRM system. Now we must learn how to choose one.

This is the fun part. You get to use your intuition for software to help you find the optimal technology. Consult awards and expert opinions, of course, but also check out user reviews. These are available on sites like Capterra, TrustRadius and Software Advice.

Some CRM systems are equipped with AI and automation, such as JobDiva’s. These are the systems you need to pay extra attention to. In the future, AI and automation will become much more prominent. For instance, Amazon has more than 200,000 robots worldwide and counting.

But robots aren’t some sort of science-fiction creation! In fact, they are often deployed through digital technology, relieving you of the burden of tedious tasks and allowing you to focus on engaging the right contacts in the right ways.

So, check out CRM and staffing software that have robotics, AI and automation to help you engage more business contacts, faster. You can be more creative and proactive with your sales practices; you can engage more clients and prospects but also personalize each and every communication.

There’s no better feeling than knowing a software has you covered. Interested in seeing how JobDiva’s recruitment software and CRM system puts you past the competition? Reach out to schedule a demonstration today.

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