What Is CRM Software?

CRM software is a term you often see. But what does it mean?

CRM software stands for Customer Relationship Management software. CRM software allows you to manage your relationships with customers and clients. Often this involves automation and AI technology. Automation, AI and robotics can help you engage customers and clients. It can also help you retain and acquire new clients.

How Exactly Does CRM Software Work?

Well, it’s complicated. CRM software helps you record, track and communicate with your customer base. Previously, business development professionals used Rolodexes and file folders to keep track of contacts. They used phones to communicate. Now, the field is changing.

Instead of storing contacts in file folders, store them in a digital, cloud-based system. Then use that system to track your progress in acquiring new clients, record opportunities and audit performance. And instead of placing calls, use CRM technology to email—or text from your computer.

That’s right. Everything that was once done physically can now be done digitally. It can even be automated and enhanced with robotics. That means you can do much more, in much less time. That way, you can grow your customer base and become more responsive, adaptable and fast.

Business Development Opportunities via AI

Business development begins with customer or client engagement.

CRM software systems can ease the burden of business development teams. But it can also expand their capabilities, make them more efficient and create more opportunities. A CRM isn’t only a digital record of your contacts.

A CRM is also a system that can support and enhance your business growth. How? By automating, speeding up and optimizing your sales pipeline. This procedure utilizes the latest in AI, robotics and customer engagement tools to help you follow-up on leads and create new opportunities.

Thus, when you’re asking, What is CRM software?, you should keep two things in mind.

  • CRM software helps you more easily perform tasks that you already perform. It does so by digitizing them.
  • CRM software helps you do more through sales engagement and automation tools.

How to Find the Optimal CRM

Not all CRMs are equal. Some are more powerful, more capable, than others. Some are built and engineered with your success in mind; others are engineered simply to keep your operation running.

How to tell the difference?

Look for CRM software that has high user ratings. User reviews are great indicators of how businesses fare once they adopt a technology.

Also look at whether the system in question integrates for its core, critical functions. If so, you should be wary about it. A system should develop its own, native core functions.

Do your research! Don’t accept everything you’re told passively. Ask questions. Be an active participant in the software acquisition process.

Once you’ve acquired your software—enjoy! If your system is good, work will start to get a lot easier, and your productivity will spike.

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