Virtual Interview

A virtual interview is a digital, video-based interview process performed using, most typically, a computer or laptop webcam. Video interviews give recruiters several advantages. They can interview candidates who live or are temporarily located beyond driving distance, talk again with candidates they've already interviewed, or pre-interview candidates they will bring into the office to interview. For example, JobDiva features an easy-to-use video interview platform that gives recruiters all the benefits of twenty-first-century technology with no drawbacks.

Just as regular office work is becoming progressively more remote and online, so is the recruiting process.


Benefits for Recruiters


There are two options you can pursue for virtual interviewing. The first is a live video interview, and the second is an automated video recording. Both have their pros and cons.

Expand Talent Pool

With remote technology, you can eliminate the boundaries created by geographical limits.

Faster Hiring Times

Video interviewing allows for much more flexible interview times that can fit better into the schedules of both the candidate and the recruiter. You can even completely eliminate the back-and-forth correspondence by having the candidate choose a time slot for the interview and conduct a pre-recorded video interview.

Save Money

Even if your employees work in an office as opposed to remotely, you can still take advantage of video interviews for candidates who are considering relocation. Now you don't have to cover expenses of candidates traveling to your office for an interview only not to work out.


Although there are many advantages for recruiters, some downsides remain. You will need to be patient with any technical difficulties, get over any uncomfortable lack of human interaction, and be aware of biases that pop in your head.

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