Vendor Management System (VMS) Integrations


JobDiva Integrates with Client VMSes

JobDiva is a pioneer in VMS integrations. JobDiva's technology syncs with a wide range of VMSes. This way, your JobDiva database reflects the latest updates to your jobs and activities on those VMSes.

Vendor Management Systems are digital systems that enterprise clients of a staffing company's use to source and retain contract talent. To read more, click here. Often, purchasing departments of large enterprises distribute their requirements for contingent labor to staffing suppliers through VMSes. From the suppliers, those enterprises then receive submittals of candidates though these VMSes in response to the specified requirements. The leading ERP in recruiting, JobDiva, makes it effortless to service these purchasing departments through their designated VMSess. 

JobDiva's exclusive solutions give your team exactly what they need to ease and streamline the submittal and hire process though VMSes, relieving your staff from the burdens of data entry and making your organization's service faster, more responsive and far more effective competitively.

Recruiters don't have to waste time managing VMS data. JobDiva saves you enormous quantities of time and automatically keeps your open jobs up-to-date, as well as helping synchronize activities between your database and the VMS. 

This is part of JobDiva's philosophy: reducing manual tasks so that recruiters can be more dynamic, fast and effective. When you can easily access the latest information on client-posted jobs, it becomes easier than ever to win. And winning is exactly what JobDiva makes possible.


With Which VMSes Does JobDiva Integrate?

JobDiva is pleased to integrate with the following VMSes:

Star Collaborative logo Beeline logo IQ Navigator logo SAP Fieldglass logo Work Nexus logo Workday logo
Agil One logo ZeroChaos logo econometrix logo ShiftWise logo PeopleFluent logo Cross Country Healthcare logo
Covendis logo Wand logo Acro Logo Aya healthcare logo Aliius Logo Vizient logo
b2b Buyer logo Beacon123 logo BrassRing logo DCR Workforce logo Provade VMS logo Greenhouse logo
Guidant Global logo dot Staff logo Elevated Resources Inc. logo Eastridge logo DivaVMS logo SAP SuccessFactors logo
iSymphony logo FocusOne logo Star Collaborative logo FlexTrack logo Healthcare Select logo Koncert logo
link2consult logo LocumsMart logo 3 Story Software logo Matrix CR logo Medefis logo Medica logo
OnBase logo Qualcomm logo CNet logo NJHA logo nextSource logo iLabor 360 logo
Peopleclick logo Qualivis logo Jaggaer logo Scout logo ShiftExpress logo Simplify VMS logo
Stafferlink logo        

More to come!

With JobDiva's VMS integrations, recruiters can focus on becoming more effective. They don't need to constantly check VMSes. Instead, JobDiva automatically reflects any changes to job orders on the VMSes with which JobDiva has integrated. It's not magic--it's simply JobDiva's tech innovation.

Smarter, digital recruiting is here. It goes by the name of JobDiva.