JobDiva's subject matter experts will thoroughly train your staff on the system. While JobDiva is intuitive and offers complete ease-of-use, JobDiva provides orientation to new users, refreshers as needed and live technical support at no additional cost to you.



  • Easily Learn an Ergonomically Mature System
  • Receive Onsite Training From Knowledgeable Staff
  • Pay Nothing for Ongoing Training

Easily Learn an Ergonomically Mature System

JobDiva is a mature product currently in its 4th generation. Over the years, the system has been exhaustively tested and rigorously utilized by users servicing broad client bases with diverse modes of operation. That's how we came to offer a reliable, thorough and refined product.

Moreover, JobDiva was created to equip recruiters with a powerful tool that would enable them to fill job orders quickly with the best candidates available. What it's not designed to do is push recruiters through a tedious, bureaucratic workflow that distract from profit-generating activity. Because the process is so streamlined and focused on the end goal, its functions naturally make sense to anyone trying to make placements.

Receive Onsite Training From Knowledgeable Staff

After assisting you through the straightforward implementation process, JobDiva's experienced staff will conduct free onsite orientation and training for your company. Though JobDiva is easy to learn, it can help having an expert on hand to cut right to the functionalities most important to your particular practice. JobDiva will also work with you to optimize your internal processes. Best practices are shared throughout the training, and training is provided to anyone in your company: recruiters, salespeople, administrators and managers.

Pay Nothing for Ongoing Training

Ongoing training is provided to ensure users benefit from the latest features and best practices. If employees would like refreshers or to learn more about a new feature, the JobDiva training department is ready to accommodate. Plus, you'll never have to train a new employee on JobDiva unless you'd like to. At no additional cost, JobDiva provides online training for new hires.

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