JobDiva—A FrontRunner for 2019 Powered by Gartner Methodology

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JobDiva is proud to announce that their leading, global Talent Acquisition, Applicant Tracking and CRM solution has been named a ‘FrontRunner’ on Software Advice's 2019 Applicant Tracking quadrant, powered by Gartner methodology. In 2018, JobDiva was named a ‘Pacesetter’ product provider in the same report.

Software Advice offers a trusted library of software ratings, including for Talent Acquisition platform providers. Wise and forward-looking, the FrontRunners quadrant often names the most powerful players in a specific software space. And industry leaders often look to the FrontRunners quadrant when making choices about Talent Acquisition technology.

FrontRunner 2019

JobDiva—A major innovator in Talent Acquisition technology

JobDiva's leadership is pleased that JobDiva—no doubt the most significant advance in the recent history of Talent Acquisition software—has been named a FrontRunner for 2019, among technology products and services in JobDiva’s class.

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JobDiva Back Office Controls

Award-winning Applicant Tracking Software for a new age of recruiting

JobDiva's broad, rich set of Talent Acquisition tools helps clients become dynamic recruiting powerhouses, ground-breakers and innovators. In the process, JobDiva shifts expectations in terms of what HR, hiring and recruitment professionals expect and want from Talent Acquisition. 

Workflow becomes smoother. The recruitment process becomes easier. Stress levels sink. 

Recruiters save time; managers can perform their tasks more effectively and intelligently. With JobDiva's multi-layered solutions, professionals can leave on time five days per week, all while maximising revenue.

Empowering you every time: JobDiva's Talent Acquisition tools are running in the front of the pack

JobDiva's solutions, products and services set the pace for the Talent Acquisition and Applicant Tracking Software space, according to Gartner’s Software Ratings. JobDiva's platform has also been recognized as a 2018 Top Rated Recruiting Software by TrustRadius, another major player in software ratings.

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JobDiva Management Insight

With JobDiva, become a major player in recruiting

Overall, it's clear that JobDiva is setting the standards in Talent Acquisition technology. Consistently recognised as a game-changer, JobDiva represents a stunning step forward for hiring technology, offering a full suite of dynamic, best-in-class recruiting technologies.