Resume Harvesting

Staffing companies and Human Resources departments pro-actively subscribe to secure job boards in order to locate qualified Candidates who have recently indicated that they are on the job market and seeking new opportunities. Managing access to these job boards and searching through their vast databases for the right prospective Candidates can be a challenging, time-consuming and burdensome endeavor. JobDiva enhances this process, adding value to the job boards' services while also helping recruiters keep pace with their company's hiring needs.



Using your existing subscriptions to job boards, the harvester program automates the searching and downloading of published Candidate records into your private company database, steps that recruiters and their sourcers would otherwise perform manually. Leveraging JobDiva's harvesters eliminates tedious data entry and helps recruiters focus solely on tasks that cannot be automated: getting to know Candidates to determine if they are a true fit, connecting them to interested hiring managers, helping them prepare for interviews.

  • Shrink Sourcing Workflow Down to a Click
  • Watch JobDiva Harvesters Source Resumes Based on Your Criteria
  • Sleep Well Knowing That JobDiva Harvesters Are Working Silently in the Background for You 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • Use Job Board IDs in the Most Effective Manner
  • Intelligently, Automatically Create an Extensive Database of Candidates

Shrink Sourcing Workflow Down to a Click

More than any other Applicant Tracking System, JobDiva automates hunting, sourcing, data maintenance and the other tedious aspects of the recruiting workflow. Ideally, your recruiters shouldn't even notice that there is a workflow. As strong Candidates are automatically sourced then swiftly identified from among an abundance of Candidates, recruiters can concentrate exclusively on their most important work: building relationships, confirming the Candidate's interest and verifying their suitability for the role with person-to-person contact. This is how JobDiva recruiters beat the competition again and again. That's the JobDiva advantage.

Some companies waste time and money buying lists of professionals or scraping the web at large for people who may not even be looking for a change and don't want to be contacted. JobDiva minimizes those wasted communications by showing readily available Candidates instead. JobDiva also includes an opt-out link in every email merge sent to a Candidate, regardless of whether they entered your private resume database via harvesting, an application, or another method, so that if a Candidate isn't interested in progressing with your team, they can instantly opt-out of future mass emails. This helps your company focus attention on Candidates seriously looking to change jobs.

Watch JobDiva Harvesters Source Resumes Based on Your Criteria

  • Automatically Prompt Harvesting
  • Let JobDiva Take Over Tedious Data Entry
  • Just Click for an Instant List of Matching Candidates

JobDiva's harvesters seek resumes that meet the recruiter's list of required skills for a particular job. JobDiva then parses the resumes and automatically adds them to your database as Candidate Records. JobDiva automates tedious manual search, data entry and maintenance. All recruiters need to know is that one click in JobDiva generates an instant list of matching Candidates that meet their job's criteria.

Sleep Well Knowing That JobDiva Harvesters Are Working Silently in the Background for You 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, JobDiva's harvesters work working silently in the background, intelligently considering what kind of Candidates your team is seeking and then importing them from your subscribed job boards for your company's exclusive use in your resume database. Don't wait for sourcers to scour the Internet for resumes. Don't mismanage recruiters' time by making them manually upload resumes into your system.

Use Job Board Accounts Intelligently

  • Make the Best, Smartest Use of Job Board Accounts
  • Aggregate Company Knowledge of Candidates
  • Don't Waste Time
  • Monitor Each Job Board's Usefulness

JobDiva's harvesters manage your job board accounts in the most intelligent manner while also helping grow your company's private database of qualified professionals. JobDiva also enables you to broaden and shift your subscription to job boards without burdening your recruiters.

Recruiters are no longer forced to wade into the Internet for each new requirement. That method inevitably results in repeat views of the same Candidate. Also, looking at each resume in isolation fails to leverage your colleagues' information about that Candidate. Using JobDiva, your recruiters will easily be able to view all historical data related to the Candidate's profile, as well as add new notes and track all associated screening activities. When a new resume for the same Candidate is added to your private database, their record in your database comes to life, enriched with both historical and new, aggregated information.

JobDiva also provides detailed metrics of a job board's results. If you're not sure which job board is yielding the best ROI for your company's practice, the reporting tools built into JobDiva will help you analyze each board's efficacy. No more guessing or human bias. You'll now be able to use hard data to decide how much you want to invest in a job board.

Intelligently, Automatically Create an Extensive Database of Candidates

JobDiva's harvesters supplement your company's private database of skilled Candidates with virtually no effort on your part. In this way, JobDiva helps recruiters pull Candidates so they can generate call lists and email merge lists of qualified, available Candidates.

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