PaaS and SaaS Model

JobDiva is delivered to your company over the Internet as a service. You will have more functionality at less operating expenses: no installation fees or software purchases - all you need is an Internet connection to benefit from the most advanced and thorough functionality in the staffing industry.

Applicant tracking SaaS platforms, or PaaS systems, are much more usable than conventional, hard-installation systems. Service-based software is instantly updated for all users. It does not require lengthy implementation and setup periods. It can be accessed across the globe from any Internet-ready machines. And it is stored on the cloud for added security and durability.

2020s Business Technology

SaaS is the software delivery that makes the most sense for the 2020s, by far. It is immensely powerful and allows organizations to adapt quickly to new changes.

Today's globalized marketplace moves faster than ever. The recruiting process is complex and digitized; therefore, to service this process, you need technology that fits, and works. You need to move fast as the market does.

You also need to ensure your data is secure.

In JobDiva, your data is private, yet by using JobDiva, you are leveraging decades of experience and shared interests. While the PAAS Model has helped JobDiva develop extensive functionality available to all clients, configurability leaves your personal imprint on every aspect of your JobDiva system.


Critical Benefits of SaaS Delivery Model

An SaaS ATS can help your organization deliver the best possible results, at the fastest possible speeds.

When you do not have to rely on physically installed hardware to access and utilize your data, you can deliver on the promises for the 21st century. 

  • Free Yourself from Maintaining Hardware and System Software
  • Access JobDiva from Anywhere
  • Inoculate Your Company from 'Versionitis'
  • Stay Up to Date
  • Optimize the hiring process

Free Yourself from Maintaining Hardware and System Software

Digitalization means faster data and better recruitment teams. Key to this new era is the delivery of a SaaS / PaaS via the cloud.

This web-based model - once again, known as Platform as a Service (PaaS) - frees you from the responsibility of keeping a system up and running and always available to your users. For all clients, JobDiva leverages a large two-time replicated infrastructure that is efficient, secure and provides unlimited data storage. Your database will be stored at three separate platforms in two distant states. JobDiva has an up time record greater than 99.999 percent. From the user perspective, this simply means years of seamless, steady service.

Access JobDiva from Anywhere

  • Reach Your Complete Database from Any Internet Connection
  • Don't Overload Your Laptop

With JobDiva, the total system, including your ever-expanding database of resumes and candidate intelligence, can be accessed from anywhere there's an Internet connection. This means no cumbersome software downloaded onto office desktops or laptops - only pure mobility.

Inoculate Your Company from 'Versionitis'

Keep Your Code Consistent

Avoid Bugs

'Versionitis.' You may have heard of it. It's a new term for a spreading discomfort.

One of the problems of using old fashioned software-as opposed to a PAAS model such as JobDiva is that system updates come to you, the user, as versions. However, if not every single instance of the new code is compatible with the old code, there will be glitches which you'll experience as slowness, error messages and idiosyncrasies.

There's only one version of JobDiva. When you subscribe to JobDiva, you're working from our master copy - the one our developers are picking over with a fine tooth comb for bugs, the one that supports thousands of users already and has been hewn according to their insightful feedback, the one is constantly refreshing itself with updates and improvements at no additional expense or effort on your part.

Stay Up to Date

  • Features and Fixes Appear Instantly
  • Save Time, Money and Energy

New features or redressed system issues will appear immediately in JobDiva without any effort or cost. As an SaaS ATS, also known as PaaS, JobDiva gives you access to the latest in recruitment and staffing technology. All without your needing to do hardware installation and upkeep. 

Don't expend time, money or energy wrestling with the technical aspects of an Applicant Tracking System. If your ATS isn't saving you and your staff time, money and energy, call JobDiva and schedule a demo today.

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