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Even though JobDiva is already the most advanced, sophisticated staffing software, it continues to invest heavily in its future and yours.

  • Be Part of the Future
  • Benefit from JobDiva's Rigorous Development Strategy
  • Filter out the Fluff, the Fads and the Distractions
  • Be Part of the Evolution of JobDiva
  • Free Yourself from 'Versionitis'
  • Don't Pay for Upgrades or Fixes

Be Part of the Future

JobDiva has been the frontrunner in introducing innovative solutions that cultivate the wealth of information and services offered by the Internet.

In the mid-nineties, the founders of JobDiva wrote the earliest programs automating the aggregation of resumes from job board subscriptions. Then, shortly after the VMS paradigm became prevalent, JobDiva introduced aggregators of VMS job openings as well. JobDiva remains the leading achiever in aggregating these two sources into a talent management and applicant tracking system. JobDiva's search engine is also the only engine that responds to the exact needs of the recruiter and the exact requirements of most jobs. JobDiva has also been introducing innovations in billing, client and candidate CRM, pay negotiation tools, data management and beyond.

While the details cannot be publicized, many more innovations and offerings are on the way.

Benefit from JobDiva's Rigorous Development Strategy

While JobDiva offers an end-to-end solution for the front and back offices of staffing and employment companies, JobDiva continues to introduce innovations for the betterment of its clients' operations. JobDiva provides the advantage of first movers and early adopters.

JobDiva does not react defensively to the market place. Rather, it is constantly on the offense, anticipating industry trends and readying the service with solutions for them. JobDiva is also continuously providing solutions to client needs before the need is even felt or as soon as it is voiced.

Filter out the Fluff, the Fads and the Distractions

In an evolving technical landscape, the Internet is constantly providing solutions in the arena of job advertisement, candidate sourcing, social and professional networking, telecommunicating, security and more.

As subject matter experts, JobDiva's management selectively introduces capabilities that best leverage the provided offerings. JobDiva strikes a balance between the derived benefits and the burdensome impact new web offerings might have on a staffing workforce. JobDiva aims to minimize any unnecessary distractions and focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of the staffing professional's desk while providing a broad web capabilities.

Be Part of the Evolution of JobDiva

JobDiva is a live system that's constantly growing and pushing past the expected limits of staffing software. And you can benefit from JobDiva's evolution without the slightest effort on your part. As upgrades and tools are announced and released to users, you'll simply see them appear on your monitor the next time you log in. No additional work - just a product that's constantly progressing before your eyes.

Free Yourself from 'Versionitis'

Versionitis is a disease you may be suffering from. The symptoms are annoying and frustrating to say the least. Most significantly, versionitis might put your operation out of sync with the ever-evolving marketplace.

Software makers attempt to address new needs as well as flaws in their original programming by releasing a new versions of software (and charging you for it!). These traditional software releases get bundled into new versions that can take a long time to reach customers, delaying the solution of urgent problems. And because client companies often cannot accept new releases due to the additional costs or to the hassle of implementing a new version, organizations are forced to operate on out-of-date platforms.

With JobDiva, there's no wait and no cost.

JobDiva is a live platform that is continuously evolving additional capabilities and enhancements to keep your desk in sync with the marketplace and cutting-edge technologies. JobDiva's evolution is seamless to the user and their organization. And except for a new service, JobDiva does not charge for the evolution of its platform. Additionally, the evolution of JobDiva does not impact the configurations you might have made to personalize the system.

Don't Pay for Upgrades

JobDiva believes that the software you select should make your life easier, not more difficult, and this should be true from the moment you sign up through your entire span with that provider.

One of the benefits of JobDiva's employing a SaaS model is that releases are rolled out simultaneously to all users. When improvements or fixes are made in JobDiva, they automatically appear on your interface with no effort or expense on your part.

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