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Be in control – gain access to your live HR data

Turn your organization into a recruiting powerhouse
The digitalization of HR is not enough. In the 21st century, success demands technology that provides an unlimited overhead view of the global workforce, focusing on the most relevant talent.
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Resume Aggregation
JobDiva For HR ® connects you to the largest possible pool of relevant talent while pinpointing the top matches. Wield data your competitors lack at a speed they don’t have.
Best Fit Staffing
Search for “Skills by Years of Experience”
JobDiva For HR’s patented search engine technology tailors your results to the exact details of a job requisition, narrowing them to the best fits. With the ability to specify searches by “years of experience”, recruiters can instantly generate a shortlist of the most qualified talent.
World-Class Quality ATS
Forget skills matches. JobDiva For HR pools millions of resumes and, using its world-class AI, finds and delivers the right fits straight to you, 24/7.
Unlimited Support and Training
24/7 Customer Support and Unlimited Training
In fast-moving markets, you need confidence in your technology partners. With our 24/7 customer support and unlimited training included in your subscription, you can always rely on JobDiva to help drive your organization’s Talent Acquisition success.
Core Benefits of Having JobDiva For HR
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Fill your seats with the right people
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Fill your seats with the best people
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Fill your seats immediately
The JobDiva For HR Process
Woman Gathering Applicant Resumes
Resume Aggregation
Top Applicants for the job
Top Matches
Prequalifying Process
Best Applicants for the job
Interview Stage
Hiring the Best Applicants fr the job
A vacancy may cost your company


when average time to fill has grown from 30 to 63 days, according to Gartner.*
Source: Corporate Executive Board (Gartner subsidiary) analysis
flying money
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