Utilize JobDiva's unique Hotlists to collect candidates into filtered, self-maintaining lists or to make virtual stacks of resumes.



  • Create Dynamic Collections of Qualified Candidates
  • Create Files of Candidates
  • Share Hotlists among Users
  • Email Merge Candidates on Hotlists

Create Dynamic Collections of Qualified Candidates

To make a new Hotlist, simply add desired criteria, such as skills and a geographic area, onto the Hotlist screen. JobDiva will immediately gather all candidates from the database whose resumes match that description and present them to you in your Hotlist.

Whenever you open an existing Hotlist, it will also grab any new matching resumes that have entered the database.

One Hotlist can also hold two sets of criteria, allowing recruiters to work from a single candidate list for two distinct jobs. This is most useful when two positions have similar requirements, such that the same candidate could fit both. This method maximizes efficiency by avoiding repeat views of the same resume.

Create Files of Candidates

If you like to keep files of candidates, utilize Hotlists to create virtual stacks of resumes in the system.

Whenever you see a candidate who interests you, simply click on the 'Add to Hotlist' link to store the candidate into a Hotlist for easy access later. Choose an existing Hotlist to add them to or create a new one on the spot.

Share Hotlists among Users

JobDiva makes it possible to share your Hotlists among colleagues. Choose individuals to view your Hotlist or even co-edit a list. Or build a Hotlist yourself then assign it to your recruiters.

You also have the option to keep your Hotlist entirely private.

Email Merge Candidates on Hotlists

It's easy to deliver an email merge to all candidates collected into a Hotlist. You only need to click the Email Merge link and select a template to reach out to hundreds of candidates.

The email merge will be automatically noted on the Hotlist page and all the contacted candidates' records.

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