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Top Recruitment Software Helps You Search and Match Candidates

JobDiva offers the top-performing recruiting software solutions. These end-to-end solutions consist of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Customer Relations Manager (CRM), Vendor Management System (VMS), and much more, all interlocking to create a holistic, empowering experience for users. A cloud-based solution, JobDiva is designed for staffing agencies, recruitment companies and HR departments of any size. JobDiva's solutions are built to provide a boundary-pushing experience that takes your business in staggering new directions. With JobDiva on their side, staffing and recruitment companies don't have to manually manage their business development and candidate pipelines. JobDiva aggregates and collates resumes, automatically suggests candidates for jobs, tracks their progress, and then helps users manage the recruiting cycle, from candidate searching to candidate on-boarding.  Read More......

Best-in-class Candidate Search & Match Bring You Success

Two of JobDiva's most robust and intensely powerful features are candidate search and candidate match. These functions use patent-protected software unique to JobDiva in order to find you the best candidates on the market faster than the "other guy". Building candidate pipelines has never been so easy. This is, simply, the future of contingent labor sales and recruiting. These are the features you will build the future of your business on. Many of JobDiva's clients have. They've become growth leaders in the staffing industry, transforming from small businesses into profitable enterprises. Think of JobDiva not only as a top recruiting solution but as an actual expansion opportunity for your business—as a way of life and a way of doing business. This cloud-based service's network of intuitive solutions have resulted in recruiting software that staffing companies turn to for growth—from automated candidate matching, to a more efficient recruiting lifecycle, and all the way to dashboards and reports that help managers understand what's making their organizations successful, and what's holding them back. Recruiting tech, HR tech, consultant care: JobDiva has it all.  Read More......

This Is the Recruiting Solution You Need to Blow Past the Competition

You might be wondering which Applicant Tracking Software can help you recruit more successfully and more often. What Applicant Tracking System besides JobDiva can help recruiters perform better while reducing stress levels throughout the office? The answer is: none. JobDiva uses patented technology to enhance everyone's capabilities, from front-office staffing professionals using superior communication technology to building candidate pipelines with the market's premier talent management capabilities.
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Searching for Qualified Candidates

JobDiva's patented search for "skills years of experience" shrinks the cost and distance between recruiters and the best available candidates for the job. JobDiva eliminates many of the manual tasks associated with searching for top talent, allowing clients to align costs with business strategy and reallocate resources as business conditions change. JobDiva gives recruiters the ability to quickly search and filter millions of resumes of available candidates with the required levels of experience, skills or attributes.

End resume fatigue: JobDiva saves recruiters an enormous amount of time - up to 70% of their day - by electronically sifting through mountains of resumes and delivering a small number of candidates with the required set of qualifications.

Leverage corporate assets: With all resumes from multiple sources in one centrally accessible database, JobDiva allows recruiters to take full advantage of both public and private pools of available candidates.

With JobDiva's search engine, you can:

  • Search Resumes for "Skills by Years of Experience"
  • Refine Candidate Lists by Geography, Pay Range, Education and Other
  • Exclude Criteria to Narrow Search Further
  • Search Resumes for the synonyms and the implications of the required Skills
  • Utilize Qualifying Parameters that Leverage Pre-Screened Candidates
  • Perform Text Searches on Privately Defined Attributes of Candidates
  • Browse Skilled Candidate Pool and Availability Irrespective of the Existence of an Opening

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VMS Friendly

As more and more buying organizations turn to VMS-supported staffing processes, staffing companies are looking for effective ways to service the VMO office. JobDiva's patented VMS information management process provides recruiters more time to focus on improving candidate quality.

Reduce cost & eliminate data entry: JobDiva enables recruiters to focus on improving metrics, presenting better-suited candidates and providing higher levels of customer service.

Improve responsiveness and accountability: JobDiva's VMS process creates a sense of responsibility and accountability mirroring the client's expectations.

Eradicate fruitless activity due to needless data management: JobDiva's VMS process enables recruiters to focus their valuable time on fulfilling active client needs.

With JobDiva's VMS friendly solution, you can:

  • Automatically Sync Your Database of Jobs with All Vendor Management Systems
  • Watch New VMS Jobs Open in Real Time in JobDiva
  • Watch Existing VMS Jobs Update in Real Time in JobDiva
  • Opt to Receive Email Notifications Whenever a Job Opens, Closes or Updates
  • Automatically Cleanse Sensitive Data

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Mobile App
  • Respond to submittals, book interviews, and confirm start dates from your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or Android
  • Access notes and recruiter activity related to specific jobs
  • Receive automated alerts via push notifications
  • Carry your CRM with you
  • Log in to your App and desktop simultaneously
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New Job Requisitions
  • Enter and Maintain Job Requisitions through a Simple Data-Rich Interface
  • Use Optional, Configurable Job Catalogs to Create New Positions Fast
  • Track Each Candidate from Submittal to Start Date
  • Follow an Intuitive, Self-Regulated Work Flow Process
  • Quickly Access Relevant Lists for Each Job
    • Matching Candidates
    • Candidates Contacted via Email Merge
    • Candidates Expressing Interest in Response to Email Merge
    • Candidates Applying through Advertisement of the Job
  • Instantly Calculate Margins, Cost and More with CalcuDiva
  • Auto-Post Openings To Job Boards and Your Own Portal
  • Benefit from Ongoing Electronic Sourcing of Candidates
  • Prompt Harvesting of Fresh Candidates from Job Boards
  • Email a Job Description-automatically cleansed of sensitive details-to a Potential Candidate or Recruiter with One Click
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  • Synchronize JobDiva's CRM Components with Outlook
    • Calendar
    • Tasks
  • Save and Track All Transactional Email in JobDiva
  • Event-Driven Email Alerts
  • Associate Emails with Events, Reminders and Tasks
  • Take Advantage of Rich Text Features for All Emails
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  • Let Calendars Update Themselves: Recruiting Activities, such as Interviews or Hires, Automatically Updated to Individual or Group Calendars
  • Synch JobDiva Calendar to Your Outlook and Smart Phones
  • Drive Your Daily Activities with Featured Events, To Do lists, and Reminders
  • Glide Over Clear, Logically Designed Format
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Email Campaigns
  • Target People with the Right Experience
  • Save Time with Customizable Email Templates
  • Deliver Rich Text Emails
  • Automatically Generate Records of Merges
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Jobs Dashboard
  • 'Drive' Your Day with a Dashboard View of Your Jobs
  • Take in All Open Jobs at a Glance
  • Travel Directly to Priority Items
  • View Dashboards at Individual, Division, or Group Level
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Hot Lists
  • Create Dynamic Collections of Qualified Candidates
  • Create Files of Candidates
  • Share Hotlists among Users
  • Email Merge Candidates on Hotlists
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  • Pre-Format Email Templates for Merges and Activities
  • Keep Candidate Attributes in Data Sheet Templates
  • Save Candidate References Q&A in Templates
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Candidate Information Management
  • Save Time with Automatic Resume Parsing and File Creation
  • Manage Candidate Relationships
  • Manage Candidate's Calendar and Availability
  • Let JobDiva Guide Recruiters through Reference Gathering
  • Find Ideal Jobs, Forward Resumes, Measure Candidate's Qualifications Against a Job, Electronically Format Resume, and Much More
  • Flip Easily Through Virtual Stacks of Resumes
  • Access Live & Saved Candidate Emails
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Diva VMS
  • Offer Clients Your Diva VMS
  • Become an MSP
  • Manage Third Party Suppliers
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Candidate Portal
  • Let Candidates Peruse Jobs and Apply Easily
  • Give Candidates the Tools to Create and Update Resumes
  • Give Candidates Ability to Manage Their Own Calendar
  • Allow Candidates to Upload Documents
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