Diva VMS

The same forward-thinking architects who brought you JobDiva have now created a Vendor Management System with the same qualities that have made JobDiva the leader in staffing and employment software. Like JobDiva, the Diva VMS is goal-oriented, user-friendly, reliable and sophisticated.




  • Offer Clients Your Diva VMS
  • Become an MSP
  • Manage Third Party Suppliers

Offer Clients Your Diva VMS

Looking to bring your services closer to your clients? JobDiva gives you a tool to become a Managed Services Provider. The Diva VMS (Vendor Management System) is a free-standing module that will allow you to fulfill your client's sourcing needs, manage suppliers and offer your own staffing expertise, all while leveraging JobDiva's exceptional capabilities.

Give your clients the benefits you've received from JobDiva: unlimited data storage, unlimited technical support, unlimited training and a constantly evolving product built by people who understand your business and your clients' needs.

Become an MSP

Take your company to the next level instantly by expanding your client offerings. Just combine the industry knowledge you already possess with the user-friendly Diva VMS to create a new service offering.

Enter job orders on clear, configurable job screens. Write job catalogues of positions you frequently have, so that your managers can simply click into the catalogue to populate a new job screen with the relevant pre-defined parameters of the job. Define your teams working on the system. Embed company logo to stamp Diva VMS with your brand.

Manage Third Party Suppliers

Diva VMS gives you the tools to manage third party suppliers in an efficient, communicative manner.

Quickly and easily set up supplying companies and users in the simple interface. Store their contact data and any other pertinent information about them. Assign suppliers to your managers or to company divisions.

Then you can provide suppliers with their own secure portal. From that portal, they can search jobs by status and type (full time, contract, etc.). They can see a list of their submittals. Suppliers can manage their profile and opt to receive email notifications: such as, when a new job is released, when a job's status changes or when the VMO enters feedback on a submittal. They can also submit candidates easily and quickly: by pasting a resume into the system or uploading it.

Give suppliers feedback by adding comments directly from your job screen - the data will be instantly transferred to their portal. You can also configure a list of common statuses: pending, declined by client, declined by you, interview scheduled, etc., so that it takes just a click to respond to a submittal. Configure a list of rejection reasons. For example, 'overqualified,' 'under qualified,' etc. You'll also have unlimited note space to add detailed feedback as well.

Monitor suppliers' performance with intelligent metrics. Utilize Diva VMS reporting in the following categories:

  • supplier submittal metrics
  • supplier activities
  • job activities
  • rejections

Drill down to report for any of these topics by duration, supplier name, and hiring manager.

All reports can be generated in both HTML and Excel.

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