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Below, watch Heath Luikart, VP of Operations for Nesco resources, explain how Nesco’s recruiting and operations teams now "live in" JobDiva. One of the biggest differentiators JobDiva delivered, Heith says, is that "people are actually using the system now.”

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Commercial staffing—of which light industrial is a part—has undergone a marked shift. As Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) writes, in their Market Estimate and Forecast (May 2019), commercial staffing makes up 43% of the temporary staffing revenue in the Americas. Globally, in EMEA and APAC, commercial staffing constitutes the majority of temporary staffing.

Commercial and light industrial staffing is, thus, a large portion of annual revenue. As Deloitte claims, the “alternative workforce” of contractors and freelancers is now mainstream, and this workforce “will become essential to business growth in the years ahead.”

As Deloitte predicts, organizations will rely increasingly on temporary, contract workers to fill skilled and unskilled roles. To fill these roles successfully, outdoing the competition, staffing firms will need platforms to manage and facilitate the flexible, fast-moving requirements of a changing marketplace. Organizations should consider the “growing portfolio of…workforce management tools that are coming on the market,” Deloitte’s researchers say—tools “enabling a total workforce view.”  

It is light industrial and commercial staffing firms which acquire such tools who will win the future.

JobDiva for Light Industrial Staffing

Commercial Staffing, Light Industrial and Recruiting Software

Cloud-based recruiting software is the future. As Staffing Industry Analysts’ researchers write, large staffing firms have begun investing heavily in digital innovation. Recruiting software can allow for recruiters, hiring managers and staffing leaders to maximize their gains and widen their market share.

There are few end-to-end recruiting platforms that can get the job done. Commercial/light industrial staffing are extremely competitive fields. You’ll need the best equipment for a very fast-paced and often unpredictable space. If you're a staffing agency that wants to succeed in a crowded market, you need the most effective technology. Just as any contractor would only use the best equipment for a job, so you need the top-rated equipment to enable success in the recruitment market. 

You'll want to acquire a top-ranked end-to-end platform. An end-to-end platform is also known as an ERP recruiting platform. An ERP can help firms gain market share, differentiate themselves and acquire proficiency in multiple, specialized staffing verticals.


Smart Software and Smarter Recruiters

Today, we often hear terms such as AI, machine learning and natural language processing. The “digital transformation” is supposed to change the way we do business.

As Gartner’s analysts write, “The screening of applicants has become more arduous and time-consuming” with more data, more candidates and more complex job requirements. But “recruiters can leverage AI-based solutions to…reach more diverse candidates.”

In other words, let AI automate the tasks a machine can do. Finding the right commercial and light industrial staffing candidates; creating shortlists of the best fits; automating data analytics and sourcing operations—these tasks a machine can do. That frees up the recruiter to recruit more strategically and compassionately.

JobDiva’s recruiting platform provides light industrial and commercial staffing firms with the tools to not only succeed, but triumph.

In an extra-competitive market, obtain technology that helps you stand at the forefront of speed and agility. JobDiva’s technology fills that role perfectly, having been named the #1 highest-rated recruiting software by TrustRadius and a 2019 ATS Frontrunner by Software Advice.

JobDiva’s innovations in technology help you innovate in staffing. Show clients that you are on the cutting edge of AI-enabled software. Differentiate yourself as a futurist and forward thinker. Acquire JobDiva and cement your position as a commercial and light industrial staffing leader.

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