CalcuDiva is a sophisticated tool that empowers salespeople and recruiters in their negotiations. This patent-pending module provides instant financial analysis of each open position.



  • Easily Calculate Margins
  • Utilize Targeted Margins to Strike the Best Deal
  • Negotiate the Best Bill Rate and the Best Pay Rate
  • Account for Various Employment Relationships
  • Factor in Corporate Discounts Automatically or Manually
  • Account for Other Overheads and Expenses

Easily Calculate Margins

Don't reach for a calculator or piece of paper. Don't go to the trouble of visiting an external website or a cheat sheet. You no longer need to memorize tables and hold onto margin spreadsheets. CalcuDiva is right at your fingertips. This feature is embedded in every job screen, so that when you're negotiating to fill a position, the figures are at your disposal.

Utilize Targeted Margins to Present Your Quotes

Set the expected margins before you even pick up the phone.

Or, as different rates are discussed, enter the numbers into the tool's simple, clear interface to see if they fit within anticipated margins.

Negotiate the Appropriate Bill and Pay Rates

With CalcuDiva, you'll understand both the limits of your position as well as the embedded opportunities, so that you and the candidate can quickly arrive at an acceptable, profitable rate.

Account for Various Employment Relationships

The margins and pay rate data in CalcuDiva will reflect three possible employment relationships: benefited, non-benefited and subcontracted employees. This way, recruiters can understand the alternative forms of employment and what kind of rate those roles would garner.

Factor in Corporate Discounts Automatically or Manually

For clients who have negotiated a discount, you can factor that into your calculations as a flat dollar amount or as a percentage cost.

You can also set standard discounts at the company or contact level, so that discount will automatically populate for all calculations associated with that client's jobs.

Account for Other Overheads and Expenses

CalcuDiva factors in your stated overheads, which include payroll taxes, insurances, expenses, per diems or any other figures that constitute the cost of service.

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