Doubling the Revenue with Top-Notch Technology

An Inside Look: The Ursus, Inc. Example

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I The Problem
Innovators in Search of Solutions

I  Ursus, Inc., a state-of-the-art staffing, recruiting, and talent development enterprise, founded in 2015, needed something vital for the future success of their business -- technology.

Ursus’ core founding technology did not extend to third-party applications and couldn’t keep pace with the company’s growth potential. So, Ursus went back on the market.


I  Ursus’ leadership wanted to find a better technology suite. But what they found exceeded expectations: JobDiva and Ursus forged a business partnership. Today, this professional relationship is strong, impactful, and innovative.

I The Solution
Premium Technology at Scale

I Rollout was only the first phase of a seamless embed of JobDiva into their processes, operations, and communications. As the partnership progressed, Ursus grew rapidly, leveraging JobDiva at scale, expanding and improving their usage dynamics as business demand increased.


Now, Ursus has doubled their revenue without increasing their costs.

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