Unlimited live technical support at no additional cost to you.


JobDiva provides the security of a virtually risk-free decision via its standard no-term contract. JobDiva's strong, full-service SaaS solution offers a lower total cost of ownership than client-server software models. Our experienced client-support team can meet our most exacting clients' business requirements— designing solutions that incorporate best practices while delivering upon expected return on investment.

Implementation Services: The experienced team that delivers JobDiva's implementation services measures success in weeks, not months. Our implementation team painlessly converts a client's resume and all of their job data.
Training: JobDiva's training is designed to instill user confidence while maximizing client return on investment. Our course modules reveal JobDiva's user-side heritage: Client users learn by doing in training sessions that work with active resumes and requisitions, and produce real results.
Help & Technical Support: JobDiva is serious about providing fast, efficient, ongoing help to our user community. On-going support and advice is available to all users by emailing support@jobdiva.com or by calling (866) JOB-DIVA.
System Security & Performance: Data security and system performance are the foundation of JobDiva' success. Tier 1 hosting facilities closely guard sensitive client data and maintain unlimited, 24/7 access for JobDiva's several thousand users. JobDiva's disaster recovery plan includes redundant sites to ensure no loss in service.

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