Supplier Portal

The JobDiva Supplier Portal lets you efficiently manage interactions with suppliers.

  • Define Suppliers
  • Distribute Job Requirements
  • Receive and Review Candidates
  • Communicate Easily with Suppliers

Define Suppliers

Creating a record for a new supplier company is a few quick steps. Add a new supplier to your company's vendor list by simply following prompts to fill in text boxes.

Once a supplier record is created, you can add individual contacts who represent the supplier company. Configure a list of contact types to clearly label each contact's role and provide login accounts for each contact, so that they can sign in and view their assigned open jobs, submit candidates, and much more.

To build an organized network of suppliers, you can also assign each company into a configurable list - categorizing by, for example, vertical specialty, geographic range or a quality ranking.

You'll have the ability to manage your own internal JobDiva users' utilization of the supplier portal by setting permissions to establish who may work with each list of suppliers or individual supplying company.

Distribute Job Requirements

The JobDiva Supplier Portal streamlines the process of releasing jobs to the suppliers and tracking their responses.

Open a new job on the standard job screen within JobDiva then just click an icon to release this job to suppliers. Optionally release the job to all suppliers, to a defined list of the suppliers, or to an individual supplying company.

When the suppliers log into your JobDiva Supplier Portal, they will be able to view their open jobs. They can also opt-in for email alerts which inform them when they've been added to a new job or when that status of that job has changed. Suppliers not assigned to that job will see no evidence of it in their portal.

Receive and Review Candidates

Suppliers may respond to you on their assigned job requisitions by either uploading or pasting candidates' resumes onto the Supplier Portal.

Both internal users and suppliers will be able to use JobDiva's technology to examine whether a submitted resume matches the job criteria. By just clicking on an icon, JobDiva will be prompted to analyze the resume against the job's requirements and tell you whether it meets the position's requirements.

Communicate Easily with Suppliers

Provide feedback to suppliers directly through your job screen. The data will instantly appear on their Supplier Portal screen.

You can also configure a list of common messages or statuses, such as interview request, offer, pending, declined by client, declined by you, interview confirmed, start confirmed, etc. Then it will take just a click to record your exchange with the supplier about a candidate.

In addition to the list of messages and statuses, there's also unlimited note space to provide the supplier immediate detailed feedback per job per submittal. The supplier may chose also to receive automatic email notification on these activities.

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