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Intelliswift Software, Inc. is a significant IT services staffing organization headquartered in Silicon Valley. As a multinational corporation, Intelliswift maintains offices across the United States, India and Singapore. Intelliswift has been recognized as the second-largest private IT staffing company and ranked among the 50 fastest-growing private organizations in California’s East Bay.

In 2010, Intelliswift evaluated the software system it used to provide staffing solutions and manage its workforce—its staffing ERP. Intelliswift’s ambitions had grown beyond the confines of its system. After surveying the major staffing ERPs on offer, Intelliswift determined that JobDiva would best serve its leadership’s desire to scale their operations and secure a larger footprint as an IT staffing services provider.


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“We’ve been in partnership with JobDiva for over 10 years, and they’ve been an integral part of Intelliswift’s scalability and growth. Intelliswift is an early adopter of JobDiva’s ATS system, which acts as our vast central resume repository that is maintained and updated by over 150 technical recruiters spread across the globe. We’ve been able to build our recruiting and talent management solution to stand apart from our competitors.”

Pat Patel
Intelliswift CEO

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In seeking a staffing ERP, Intelliswift searched for solutions that could facilitate its growth potential and enable it to manage a workforce that was expanding rapidly in size and complexity. Thus, it sought a software system that emphasized agility in recruiting/Talent Acquisition and ease in Talent Management. Its current systems were ineffective in both regards. Specifically:
  • No method for resume readers to share candidates; no system to adequately record and store resumes.
  • Gaps in general transparency allowed account managers to “hoard” requirements.
  • Divergent systems drained productivity; consequent delays in talent delivery due to software.
  • Recruiter performance muted by inefficient, challenge-prone ATS solutions.
  • Systems failed to digitalize repetitive processes.
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As mentioned, Intelliswift weighed several of the prevalent ATS, Talent Management and CRM solutions before deciding on JobDiva as the most impressive among them. No other staffing ERP, in their CEO Pat Patel’s estimation, came close to the ease, functionality and customer service that JobDiva gladly offered and, upon adoption, delivered. Some highlights include:
  • Rationalized and standardized recruiter productivity.
  • Created a front-to-back-office, end-to-end talent management suite. No more silos.
  • In-depth, smart data analytics mean that Intelliswift’s leadership always have the latest numbers broken down in charts, graphs and standard reports.
  • Promoted premium candidate care that allows Intelliswift to separate itself from competitors.
  • 24/7 aggregating and matching technology means that redundant recruiter tasks are taken off the table. Intelliswift saves money and time.