Specialist Staffing

A type of staffing for hires that require unique skills and certifications, such as legal staffing.

What is Specialist Staffing?

what is specialist staffingGreat question. Specialist staffing is a term you might not be hearing much now, but that you definitely will in the future.

Specialist staffing professionals need a specific set of skills and often certifications to perform high-level staffing.

For example, legal staffing professionals must have some knowledge of the law. They should have some level of certification in legal matters, such as paralegal certifications.

These staffing professionals 'specialize' in staffing for one kind of position. Normally, these are high-paying positions with very specialized skill sets.

Think of lawyers, doctors and executives. These are the kinds of roles that specialist staffing encompasses.

Why Should I Know About This Type of Staffing?

Specialist staffing will be very important in the future.

With more than 3.1 million contract workers employed per week in America in 2019, according to ASA, staffing is a growing market.

With many of those positions being in legal and medical staffing, it is imperative that observers understand what drives this corner of the staffing market. In the legal position, for example, it is important to have specialized legal positions for large cases or for seasonally-based legal practices. Additionally, many law firms are shifting to contract-basis work. 

In healthcare, specialist roles will become even more pronounced. As rural hospitals close and the healthcare industry grows, there will be a greater need to find doctors and nurses with specialized skills for short-term roles.

We're not talking only about flexible working--we're also talking about permanent and semi-permanent roles.

This type of staffing will be very important in such a circumstance. It already is.

Skills and Certifications

Specialist professionals for staffing should have certain skills and certification. Often, they should have a certification from an educational program in the area for which they are staffing. Or a certification that is specific to staffing.

These individuals are responsible for high-tough personnel, such as lawyers, doctors and high-level technologists. They need to understand fully the roles they are staffing for.

When there are not formal certification processes for the special area of staffing under consideration, a certification in the specialist's vertical will do. In most cases, at least. 

As mentioned, a paralegal certificate will be helpful in the law. In healthcare, there are healthcare staffing certifications available online. These courses will generally involve online work and tests. There are also certifications for firms overall.

JobDiva as a Solution for Specialists

If you are staffing in high-skilled areas, you need staffing software that will help you identify the best fits for a high-skill position. Quickly.

You need JobDiva. JobDiva uses extremely advanced technology to help expand your talent pool to encompass the widest possible array of candidate. JobDiva then helps you narrow down that pool to a few excellent skill fits.

This way, you can cut down on busy work. You can start engaging with candidates with greater ease and flexibility.

In today's world, staffing technology matters a lot. It can and often does mean the difference between successfully filling a role and not. 

And staffing companies need the best technology out there.

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