JobDiva Marketplace and Integrations

JobDiva's Ecosystem is Next-Level

JobDiva's strategic alignment of technologies and integrations results in seamless and highly effective service delivery.

JobDiva's staffing and recruitment ERP integrates with a vast array of external products. From Indeed and IBM Kenexa Assess to Dice and easyBackgrounds, JobDiva's philosophy is to integrate strategically with products that are desirable to JobDiva clients and complement JobDiva's offerings, while constantly developing native, exclusive recruiting tools.

JobDiva offers the leading complete contact and candidate relationship management software, ATS, Talent Management system and more. As such, many products have wished to integrate with JobDiva, proving time and time again that JobDiva is the center of excellence and innovation in Talent Management ERP software. From job boards to technology providers, JobDiva integrates with a range of products. This way, data from these products will flow seamlessly in and out of JobDiva, reflecting instantly in every recruiter's "one-stop-shop": JobDiva. 

Who does JobDiva Integrate with?

JobDiva has established itself a staffing's integration nucleus, plugged into by the best in job boards and recruitment tech solutions. JobDiva transforms your efforts into true success, automatically multiplying recruiter efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability. JobDiva builds and develops native products in almost every field. And JobDiva integrates with other products from all facets of candidate relationship management, texting, employee engagement, digital and live interviews and screening, chatbots, and much more. 

Building the Future: ATS Systems and JobDiva's Integrations

Integrating with job boards is a must--JobDiva is a pioneer in integrating with a vast number of job boards and job aggregators. In these integrations, JobDiva leads the market in time and functionality. In fact, JobDiva allows you to maximize your job board subscriptions by aggregating resumes 24/7, effectively recruiting while you sleep. JobDiva's technology brings you to the cutting edge of tech innovation, including search-and-match systems that are more intelligent than anything billed as either artificial or intelligent.

Whether you're looking for recruiting apps for Android or iPhone--or quick and accurate auto-matching technology--JobDiva delivers the best experience, power and speed in recruiting. By developing native solutions and strategically integrating with a variety of products and services, JobDiva stakes out its place at the beating heart of recruitment tech innovation and business growth.

To learn more about integrations, take a look at JobDiva's Glossary entry for Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integrations.