JobDiva Marketplace and Business Software Integration

JobDiva's Ecosystem Is Next-Level

JobDiva's strategic alignment of technologies and integrations results in seamless and highly effective service delivery.

JobDiva's staffing and recruitment ERP integrates with a vast array of external products. From Indeed and IBM Kenexa Assess to Dice and easyBackgrounds, JobDiva's philosophy is to integrate strategically with products that are desirable to JobDiva clients and complement JobDiva's offerings, while constantly developing native, exclusive recruiting tools.

Who Does JobDiva Integrate with?

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Building the Future: JobDiva ATS System Integration

Integrating with job boards is a must--JobDiva is a pioneer in integrating with a vast number of job boards and job aggregators. In these integrations, JobDiva leads the market in time and functionality.

JobDiva's Native Technologies: a Primer

JobDiva allows you to maximize your job board subscriptions by aggregating resumes 24/7, effectively recruiting while you sleep. JobDiva's technology brings you to the cutting edge of tech innovation, including search-and-match systems that are more intelligent than anything billed as either artificial or intelligent.

Whether you're looking for recruiting apps for Android or iPhone--or quick and accurate auto-matching technology--JobDiva delivers the best experience, power and speed in recruiting.

By developing native solutions and strategically integrating with a variety of products and services, JobDiva stakes out its place at the beating heart of recruitment tech innovation and business growth.

Future Technology, Integrations and Business Growth

At a time of globalization and digitalization, secure and consistent growth is pivotal. 

Integrations can help with this. When you have access to open technologies like JobDiva, you can create a configurable network of solutions that are easily leveraged through a single system of record.

The technology of the future is integrated, open and constantly expanding its partnerships. As described above, JobDiva provides just such technology.

A future platform must be hyper-connected and able to integrate with virtually any external technology.

Efficiency Gains You Can Count On

When recruiters have access to wide-ranging integrations, they rise to become more effective, efficient and proactive.

Job seekers need to feel like recruiters are engaging and communicating with them openly and quickly. Integrations--or even native solutions--that deal with engagement and communications capabilities will be extremely helpful. 

Single-Platform Empowerment

Integrations give recruiters simple, quick access to a variety of technologies within a single platform.

In JobDiva, that requires only a couple clicks. Everything is available within one easy-to-use interface.

Integrations and Your Enterprise

For any large enterprise, integrations are vital. The easier to leverage integrations are through your staffing platform, the more effective recruiters can be.

When the entire team is powered by the latest technologies, you grow at a fast clip and a global scale. Just check out how JobDiva helped US Tech Solutions grow 90% in only three years

Seamless, Steady Business Growth 

Integrations can help you build your enterprise into a global resource, relationship by customer relationship, brick by organizational brick.

With 150+ integrations, JobDiva has a wide and ever-growing list of integrators. Explore JobDiva today by requesting demonstration, and see how JobDiva can take you into the next echelon of growth and beyond.

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To learn more about integrations, take a look at JobDiva's Glossary entry for Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integrations.