Data security is a crucial part of JobDiva's success as a PAAS model. While you experience JobDiva as an open and accessible system, you can also sleep well knowing that, behind the scenes, JobDiva has your data firmly locked down.



  • Store Your Data Safely
  • Control Access to System
  • Let JobDiva Manage Disaster Recover Plans
  • Receive Security Assessments

Store Your Data Safely

JobDiva offers incomparable protection. Your database is stored on state-of-the-art infrastructure and vigilantly maintained by JobDiva's technical team. All the information in your JobDiva module is housed at a secure local data center. Then, every few minutes, your entire database is replicated locally and stored in a second secure location. Then, your data is replicated again and stored at a third secure server located out of state.

JobDiva is a paranoid so you don't have to be.

Control Access to System

JobDiva is a secure portal, and you control who logs into your system. Activating and deactivating users takes just a few clicks.

It's equally easy to determine what actions a user can perform. Once they're in the system, JobDiva offers many ways for you to define their permissions. They'll initially be assigned permissions according to their role: recruiter, team leader, etc., but you can tweak permissions further. You can control who posts jobs to your website's job portal and external job boards. You dictate who can adjust harvesters, run reports, assign other users' permissions, and much more.

You also have control over your data, both within your recruiting module and your Contract Relationship Management database. It's easy to classify any user's or group's ability to view and edit data.

Our unique Access Log Report will also keep you informed of the moves a user has made on the system, so you'll know exactly how your data is being leveraged and by whom.

Let JobDiva Manage Disaster Recovery Plans

Don't know anything about Disaster Recovery? Don't worry.

JobDiva is your Disaster Recovery plan.

JobDiva is able to leverage economies of scale in a way most individual staffing firms are not, and this means that JobDiva can store your unique, private database on the best equipment, utilizing the best methods and technicians at the best possible price for you: free. JobDiva duplicates your data and store it in its entirety at three separate sites, assuring that the information you entrust to us is secure.

Receive Security Assessments

Built into JobDiva are permanent measures to protect all JobDiva's databases. JobDiva also adheres to its rigorous security standards for each new upgrade to system functionalities.

JobDiva retains an independent external consulting company which is a world leader in internal audit and risk management. As JobDiva evolves and additional capabilities are introduced, the consulting firm continuously provides JobDiva with web application security assessments of its offerings.

Such on-going reporting provides JobDiva with foreknowledge of any potential risks to the system or JobDiva's clients. Traditional in-house applications, which are left unaudited and unexamined for vulnerability, could be at great risk of intrusion, while JobDiva's continuous security assessments balance the introduction of new functionalities with data security and the assurance of business continuity.

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