What is a Recruitment Software

What is a Recruitment Software?

As your team leaps into the digital age, you’ll need to choose software that assists you in recruiting, M&A and sales activities. This software can include CRMs, ATSes and HRMS platforms, but more than anything, you want it to be good. The staffing industry generates $490 billion in revenue in 2018, according to Staffing Industry Analysts, making it an extremely lucrative and competitive space. To truly stand out, no matter the verticals you’re hiring for, it’s important to acquire technology that helps you automate sourcing and find and engage talent. Such technology can make you faster and altogether more powerful.

How do you know which software to choose? Whether you’re thinking about talent management or talent acquisition, you should seek out software that prioritizes ease of use and rate of innovation. In other words, the very best software has high levels of performance and, once learned, is easy to use competitively. 

what is a recruitment softwareHow Do I Make Sure I’m Acquiring the Right Software?

Great question. With recruiting software, there’s a lot of grey area and middle ground. You want to make sure your software vendor has received high ratings from users on websites like G2, Software Advice, TrustRadius and Capterra. This is an important point. In staffing especially, results are bread and butter. A system might look usable on the surface, but what kind of results does it get for you? Do you flourish? Do you grow? Does the software help you automate repetitive processes? These are the kinds of questions that user reviews will answer.

Expert and consultant opinions are always important. For example, Deloitte can provide “workforce planning” consulting services to help firms adopt technology. And you can do your own analyst research by visiting user ratings sites, like TrustRadius and Software Advice, to see what people think for themselves. These user ratings sites are an invaluable resource for today’s staffing organizations. Be an analyst for yourself.

How Do I Know When Software Is Right for My Team?

Another great question. The best software will have flexible tools that can adapt to most any process. Recruiting software is extremely useful when it’s deployed and used the right way. It only possible to use a system productively if it is configurable for your workflow and firm structure. 

Additionally, software should have resources and tools that alleviate manual burdens for your team, such as sourcing and analytics. Your team should no longer have to crunch numbers manually to make delivery projections, or develop planning strategies. They should wield large pools of data and be able to automate graphic and textual reports.

If you’re looking to automate large portions of the hiring process, partner with the global leader in technology. If you’re looking to boost candidate/consultant engagement, do the same. Join the future. Join JobDiva, the staffing software of choice for today’s industry leaders.

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