Recruitment Marketing

Today, job seekers find open positions like how they find products, by searching online or even through social media. Because of this, many companies need to market their open jobs through similar means. Companies market their products and services using a ‘sales funnel’ to lead their customers from an informational search to a transactional one. Similarly, a business wants potential candidates to become aware of them by creating an online presence, obtain their interest, and eventually lead them to the application process.

The top goal of a successful recruitment marketing strategy is candidate engagement. Using the right strategies and tools will contribute to positive engagement.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing attracts talent to jobs. The process is mirrors that of traditional marketing practices, but often recruiting agencies will have the best knowledge on where to start and the right tools to create a successful campaign. Staffing organizations often utilize a Vendor Management System (VMS) or Managed Service Provider (MSP) process and promote jobs of their clients.

Recruitment Marketing Tools

Manage your marketing campaign efforts and track your candidate interactions using staffing software.


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