Become a Talent Acquisition Innovator: JobDiva for HR

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Talent Acquisition Innovation: JobDiva For HR

JobDiva For HR is responsible for Talent Acquisition innovations that have never existed in HR. Ensuring you find the right fits and radically shortening time-to-fill, JobDiva lights the way forward in today's digital transformation.
Lead the candidate to their ideal job. Harness all the power of Talent Acquisition innovation. And best of all, drive into the sunset, happy and serene, knowing that your HR organization is ready to face the future. 
Read on to learn more, including JobDiva For HR's key differentiators and the JobDiva For HR blueprint.
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JobDiva for HR Key Differentiators 

Maximize Job Board Subscriptions

Uncover the right fits.

Including applicants not currently looking. 

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Broad Talent Pools

An instant rundown of best fits.

Quality in Delivery and Compliance
Talent Acquisition made simple.
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Customer Support and Unlimited Training

24/7 tech support and unlimited free training. 



A Selection of Features

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 Effortless Job Requisitions Compliance  Mobile Optimization   AI Engagement e-interview 

Data-rich job screen.
Fill regs faster.

Always adhere to EEO and OFCCP.

Recruit on the go. 

Automate engagement 
using hiring triggers.
Design, customize and assign e-interviews.

The JobDiva Blueprint

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JobDiva Blueprint


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