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See How Partnering with JobDiva Unlocked New Growth for TalentBurst

Business Type:
Life Sciences, Health Care, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Engineering and Information Technology
Provider of Global Talent Solutions
Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto and Gurgaon, India
Since we've implemented JobDiva, our company has grown by approximately 200 percent, in terms of top-line revenue.
Deep Deshpande, Co-Founder & CFO, TalentBurst Inc.
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A JobDiva client since 2009, TalentBurst provides professional staffing services for clients worldwide, in Life Sciences, Health Care, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Engineering and Information Technology. TalentBurst counts Fortune 1000 corporations among their clients; they partner with the leading ATS, JobDiva, along with leading MSP's and VMS's to furnish the finest talent. Founded by three executives, TalentBurst delivers premium talent at remarkable speed.
Recruiting systems misaligned with TalentBurst's goals.
Recruiting platforms misaligned with organization's goals and resources, thereby restraining growth.
Streamlined systems via JobDiva's all-in-one solution.
JobDiva's solutions are fully configurable but also are rolled out in days. Thus, TalentBurst could tailor the system to fit their back- and front-office processes, from recruiting and sales to accounting, without having to wait for a development and installation period to conclude.
Software integrations poorly executed. Poorly integrated, hastily engineered systems could not manage to advance TalentBurst's operations-talent sourcing and matching, sales, and business development.
Eliminated messy integrations with JobDiva's superior technology. JobDiva's solutions comprise a standalone system that does not miss a beat. Everything in a staffing professional's toolkit can be easily accessed from a simple interface. This stood in stark contrast to TalentBurst's previous solutions, amplifying the team's efficiency and effectiveness.
Technology not upgraded often. At the same time, TalentBurst wanted their systems to feed into the larger opportunities offered by social recruiting, mobile technology, and data analytics. Their systems had limited offerings with regard to these market-defining capabilities.
New features released for the JobDiva user community constantly. JobDiva's leading-edge technology brings Talentburst's resources to bear on the opportunities provided by the social web and big data, which play an expanding role in recruiting. Because JobDiva's development is led and directed by staffing industry luminaries, this platform constantly predicts and adapts to market dynamics. TalentBurst gained agility from JobDiva's frequent updates, released to all subscribed users under their standard subscriptions.
Systems not configured for global services delivery. TalentBurst have offices across the world. They wanted no gaps between these locations, yet their systems delivered separate solutions for each region. They wanted these global offices to be seamlessly connected, but they were also looking for a platform that could account for the distinctions between them.
Accelerated global presence through JobDiva's seamless system architecture. JobDiva is designed for both the small business and today's multinational organization, marshaling smart tools to maximize flexibility for both the local office and the global powerhouse while scaling based on an organization's size.