JobDiva Mobile App

Bring JobDiva to your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android and get access to Jobs, Candidates or Contacts anywhere!

JobDiva features are now available as an App to further increase your productivity as a Recruiter, Salesperson or Manager.



Jobs Dashboard

This free App provides current JobDiva Users with the ability to enter Submittals or Schedule Interviews and Start Dates.

It provides Users access to their Jobs Dashboard to see: Jobs with No Submittals, Jobs Pending More Submittals, Jobs Pending Interviews, Covered Jobs and Filled Jobs.

My Jobs

The App also provides a list of all 'My Jobs,' which includes Notes, Activities, Users and Detailed information. For Users with many Open Jobs, it is possible to filter this list using additional criteria, such as Job Title or Job #.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications will let Users know when they've been assigned to (or unassigned from) a Job.

As the Status of a Job changes, Users will also be notified, so they're not stuck working on a Job that just closed or missing the chance to work on one which has just re-opened.

Notifications will also be pushed when Activities are scheduled on their Jobs, so that Users will know as soon as:

  1. A Submittal or Interview is Scheduled
  2. When there's a Hire
  3. When a Hire is Canceled

Candidate and Contact Look-Up

Users can also look up Candidates and Contacts by their names and/or contact information, such as phone number, address, or email.

In additional to contact information, Candidate Records display all Notes, Activities and their Latest Resume.

Users can add Notes to Candidates and Contacts from these records as well!

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