Mail Merge - What is Mass Mailing in Recruitment?

what is mass mailing in recruitment

A mail merge is a mass or bulk email sent to a select number of recipients. Its contents will usually be individualized for each recipient, so that, for instance, his or her name will appear in the email body; but all elements that are not specific to an individual recipient will be uniform across the mail merge.

What can Mail Merge be Used For?

Mail merges are useful for recruiters who want to disseminate information about an open position. Software platforms such as JobDiva store resumes that staffing professionals obtain elsewhere - for instance, resumes can be obtained from job boards, on which candidates post their resumes or apply for jobs. Though software providers such as JobDiva are not responsible for obtaining such resumes, their clients are. For this reason, any candidate who would like to be removed from a specific organization's mail merge list should unsubscribe from it. Mail merges, in modern staffing software, must include such an unsubscribe option.
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