US Tech Solutions Has Become One of the Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms in the US. JobDiva's Staffing Company Case Study Shows You How It Was Done.

Read How Using JobDiva Helped Make US Tech Solutions Into an Industry Leader


Named a “Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firm for 2019” (Staffing Industry Analysts), US Tech Solutions delivers staffing software solutions on demand for 150+ clients who, together, comprise some 20% of the Fortune 500. As partners with JobDiva, they have experienced deeply impressive growth, reliably acquiring the right talent at superior speeds.

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“In terms of the growth we achieved after we started using JobDiva: we have changed from one level to a different level.”

Harit Thrahan, US Tech Solutions


US Tech Solutions poised to grow but in need of a solution that would scale alongside them.


With JobDiva’s staffing ERP, a front-to-back recruiting engine, US Tech Solutions grew at a rapid clip of 90+% in only three years. US Tech Solutions’ revenue grew from $115 million in 2015 to $206 million in 2018.*

*Sources, Profile, US Tech Solutions; Staffing Industry Analysts, “Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms: 2019 Update,” 09/03/2019



Immediate need for detailed, cutting-edge reporting to cope with intensified client demand—and to maintain scaling of the enterprise.



JobDiva’s analytics systems gave US Tech Solutions the ability to zoom in and out of their business on either a micro or macro scale. Now, with JobDiva in hand, it was possible to craft reports and conduct analyses that gave US Tech Solutions either a wide-lens or close-up perspective on their business activities and client interactions.


US Tech Solutions welcomed the introduction of systems that would solve for problems before they emerged, encouraging stability in the long and the short term.

With the consistent release of ahead-of-their-class new tools and resources, JobDiva helped US Tech Solutions reimagine challenges as opportunities for larger market share. JobDiva offered a predictive system that helped US Tech Solutions firmly establish their footing as a leader and agile competitor. Now US Tech Solutions does not only withstand challenges but uses them to fuel enviable rates of growth.



Manual sourcing techniques required recruiters to individually post and disseminate job orders, resulting in efficiency gaps.



JobDiva’s smart recruiting systems closed these efficiency gaps in hiring and workforce management, at once saving recruiters time and increasing their speed. JobDiva’s technology assembled a simple, linear job-to-candidate pipeline and promoted recruiter speed, enabling US Tech Solutions to distribute jobs with a couple clicks where before doing so had been a lengthy, gap-prone process.