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JobDiva Makes Hiring More Efficient by Using Facebook Recruiting Solutions

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New York, NY – April 27, 2021 – JobDiva is proud to announce an integration with Jobs on Facebook—one of the first integrations of its kind.

Facebook recruiting solutions like Jobs on Facebook makes it simple for employers and recruiters to post jobs, manage applications, and communicate with candidates more easily. By synchronizing job openings, JobDiva’s integration with Jobs on Facebook empowers businesses to reach candidates where they are spending significant amounts of time.

“At JobDiva, we are focused on reducing unemployment during these uncertain times, as well as matching the workforce with their desired opportunities by maximizing our clients’ capabilities—and doing so quickly, in the interest of the public at large,” said Gus Samra, JobDiva’s Chief Revenue Officer. “JobDiva’s integration with Jobs on Facebook is a signal example of our commitment to talent and client success, and we’re ecstatic to offer this integration.”

About JobDiva: JobDiva, the leading global ATS, is delivered to clients via the cloud. JobDiva stands as the top-tier ATS, defining the path of innovation in staffing technology.


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