JobDiva for HR - Best-in-Class User-Centric HR Technology .

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JobDiva for HR - Best-in-Class User-Centric HR Technology

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Integrations, APIs and Roll-Out

JobDiva for HR has built seamless integrations with a multitude of products. JobDiva for HR has the internal technical expertise to understand and consume any kind of API—any methodology offered by an external product for integration.


In addition, JobDiva for HR offers its own XML feeds, SOAP and RESTFuL API, allowing other systems to easily integrate with JobDiva for HR.

Delivered over the cloud, JobDiva for HR’s Talent Acquisition system rolls out in just a few weeks. JobDiva for HR works with your team, carefully ensuring that they finds it easy to roll-out JobDiva for HR. And, functioning as an extension of your team JobDiva for HR's technology experts make sure all integration and roll-out activities are performed on schedule and with highest possible efficiency. As your internal client--the HR department--continues to use JobDiva for HR, support from JobDiva's team of technology experts will be unlimited and round the clock. This makes for a complete technology-supported product and service rolled-out and delivered quickly to your internal client.


Privacy and Security

JobDiva for HR is self-certified as compliant with Privacy Shield; in addition, JobDiva for HR has a bundle of features meant specifically to address concerns related to GDPR's privacy restrictions. JobDiva for HR prioritizes security in every stage of the product development, management and provision process. JobDiva for HR is in the possession of a SOC II Type I report. JobDiva for HR has a robust Information Security Policy in place for the entirety of the internal JobDiva for HR team. JobDiva encrypts all critical data, including strong encryption in transmission and at rest for confidential data. More information can be supplied as required.

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Partnership and Implementation

JobDiva for HR partners with the organization's technology team and works closely with the CIO to ensure all budgeting, scheduling, tech performance and security concerns are addressed and carefully planned in advance. JobDiva for HR's partnership with the CIO and the tech team does not stop after the solution has been implemented. In fact, JobDiva's team stays in close contact with your technology team, updating you on any new releases and adjustments to JobDiva for HR's system, always ensuring systems run smoothly in unison. 


What about implementation? JobDiva for HR offers unlimited, free training and 24/7 support, ensuring an easy transition. JobDiva for HR partners with your team to guarantee that any needs specific to your organization are addressed with ease and agility. Plus, with free upgrades released at a near-constant clip—and 99.99% uptime—JobDiva for HR offers the best in stable, predictable and innovative technology.   

JobDiva for HR means:
fast to roll-out and implement. Easy to maintain. Seamless to integrate. 

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