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Bullhorn is rewriting history, while JobDiva is writing the future

JobDiva Holds Bullhorn Accountable for a Misleading Press Release with a False Statement Regarding VMS Synchronization

Request DemoNEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2019 -- On September 24, 2019, a press release issued by Bullhorn, Inc. announced that their tool had solved the disconnect between recruiting platforms and client-side job servicing portals. JobDiva strongly contests the implications of their statements, which effectively rewrite history and ignore demonstrable, well-documented facts. The misleading statements appeared in the press release titled “Bullhorn Closes the Loop Between Vendor Management and Applicant Tracking Systems.” As a long-time innovator in VMS synchronization technology, JobDiva’s leadership feels the responsibility to correct the record and ensure that buyers, and businesses in general, are not misled by Bullhorn’s fabrications.

In the press release, Bullhorn states, “Before the advent of Bullhorn’s VMS automation solutions, staffing agencies working VMS job orders had to employ entire teams of workers who were tasked with scanning for new reqs posted to multiple VMSes, copying and pasting details from those reqs into an ATS manually, distributing them to a sourcer or recruiter, and eventually copying and pasting candidate details from an ATS back into the VMS.” 

Though it might be true that Bullhorn’s clients—and the clients of other ATSes—needed to follow this labor-intensive process, the same is untrue of JobDiva’s hundreds of clients, most of whom are known to Bullhorn and who have long been able to synchronize VMS job capture electronically via JobDiva’s intelligent platform. 

Additionally, for quite some time, JobDiva’s clients have been able to synchronize submittals of candidates for VMS jobs, facilitating a safer loop. 

In summary, it is demonstrably false that before the introduction of “Bullhorn’s VMS automation solutions,” all existing staffing agencies had to follow an often-chaotic manual process to fill VMS jobs, which could be admittedly true for Bullhorn clients, as stated in Bullhorn’s release. For staffing agencies subscribed to JobDiva’s products and services, this has manifestly not been the case; any statement to the contrary is a fairy tale.

JobDiva believes that a clear, transparent staffing industry is a better staffing industry. In the interest of the truth, JobDiva will continue to hold specific actors accountable for untruths and distortions, either privately, as it has done with Bullhorn, or in the public sphere.

Bella Chen
Head of Marketing, JobDiva
+1 212-384-6566