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Transform Your Recruiting Process with JobDiva® for HR and IBM® Kenexa® Employee Assessments

JobDiva for HR integrates with IBM® Kenexa®’s Employee Assessment system without a hitch.

When hiring talent, at multiple points you'll want to assess a candidate’s skills, personality, culture fit and more. For this purpose, JobDiva for HR integrates with IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments—IBM’s assessment and talent development platform. 

The hiring process can start to feel complicated.

Thankfully, JobDiva for HR redefines ease.

JobDiva for HR identifies a position's best fits, fast. Candidate information transfers seamlessly into IBM Kenexa for assessment, evaluation and employee learning and development. Candidates can access these assessments on any device, including their desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. 

Data securely flows between the two systems without the need for human intervention.

This isn't only the recruiting process automated. It's the recruiting process perfected.

Lead HR with the Top Talent Acquisition Solutions

JobDiva for HR also integrates—for free—with any solution that an organization might use for skills assessments, payroll and more. While JobDiva for HR works overtime—24/7, in fact—to guarantee you the best in global talent, JobDiva for HR also links seamlessly with external tools. IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments is one such leading tool.

What is IBM Kenexa Assess? Used by 4,000+ clients, IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments uses behavioral science techniques to measure traits, skills, and culture fit to help HR teams predict talent performance and hire with confidence. With 1,200+ valid and legally defensible behavior and skills assessments, IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments ensures you can swiftly assess and evaluate a candidate at any point in the hiring process. 

JobDiva for HR locates and identifies exceptional talent. IBM Kenexa leads you through the assessment process. When these two services join forces, the results are unstoppable. 

Automate the Pre-Hiring Process

In the 21st century, it’s crucial that your data move through multiple systems all on its own.

JobDiva for HR simplifies this process so much that you won't even think about data migration.

From JobDiva for HR, a candidate can be automatically assigned relevant assessments; candidates can take the assessments on a device of their choice; and the results will be automatically populated in JobDiva for HR.

Then, access assessments results and make your hiring decisions within JobDiva for HR. That's Smart Recruiting, upgraded for the digital age.

JobDiva for HR and IBM Kenexa. Here is the best of strategic recruiting and talent assessment. Flowing together, they simplify HR.

JobDiva for HR: The Smart Recruiter's System of Choice

JobDiva for HR channels your recruiting decisions, methods and strategies into a single hiring process so smooth you will wonder: “How did I recruit before?” 

Your pre-JobDiva for HR days will feel like another lifetime. That's the 'JobDiva for HR Effect.'

As your organization expands, let HR lead the charge.

A world-class and world-renowned suite of tools awaits you.

Next stop: HR success.





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