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JobDiva For HR: the CHRO's "Secret Source"

JobDiva CHRO
JobDiva For HR represents a radical advance in HR technology. With solutions of tremendous depth, plus maximal connectivity, JobDiva For HR marks the beginning of a new age in Talent Acquisition's digital workplace technology.
Step into the digital workplace of the future. Help your team start recruiting the right people at speeds you haven't imagined. Explore JobDiva For HR--and read on to learn more, including a map of the JobDiva process and JobDiva For HR's key differentiators.
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JobDiva For HR Key Differentiators 

Resume Aggregation

Wield a database pooling millions of relevant resumes, including inactive applicants. 
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Broad Talent Pools

JobDiva For HR helps you reach the largest possible pool of relevant talent while pinpointing the top matches. JobDiva For HR helps ensure a bias-free recruitment process.

Quality in Compliance and Delivery
JobDiva For HR's smart matching delivers the best fits. Intelligent matching means you're only shown the top talent.   
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24/7 Customer Support and Unlimited Training

Feel secure with 24/7 support and unlimited training, both free with your subscription. 
Advance far ahead of the curve. Become an early adopter of JobDiva For HR. 

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