Email Merge

Let JobDiva produce the best possible mail merges for your recruiters. Target the right people with the right skills and deliver them polished customizable templates in Rich Text. Save time on data entry as well, with automatically generated records of all merges.


  • Target People with the Right Experience
  • Save Time with Customizable Email Templates
  • Deliver Rich Text Emails
  • Automatically Generate Records of Merges

Target People with the Right Experience

  • Don't Get Labeled as a Spammer
  • Create Tightly Targeted Email Merges

Don't settle for the market's standard email blast. Cluttering candidates' inboxes with ill-matching jobs will only diminish your company's reputation among the candidate pool. Avoid being labeled a Spammer. Instead, use JobDiva's unique search capabilities to create tightly targeted email merges. Reach just the candidates who have the years of experience in each of the skills you're looking for. They'll see the jobs they want and qualify for; and your recruiters will connect with the candidates they need.

JobDiva can help you fine-tune your email merge even further. Once you've generated a list of high-quality resumes, you can determine the number of people you want to receive your email. You'll also have the option of setting additional parameters: such as how recently that candidate's resume has been added to your database. And you can opt to exclude current employees or those who've already been emailed regarding other positions.

Save Time with Customizable Email Templates

  • Create Templates For Email Merges
  • See Job Description and Location Automatically Imported

When sending a mail merge, JobDiva gives you the option to select a pre-formatted email from a library of templates configured for your company. These emails will automatically import the job description and location, too. They will include an opt-out link, so that candidates wishing to take themselves off the mailing list may do so easily. You can also add a standard greeting, signature, company details and more. These templates can be modified at any point.

Deliver Rich Text Emails

  • Utilize Rich Text Features
  • Add Company Logo, Documents, Videos and More
  • Take Advantage of Spell Check

JobDiva's templates are all in Rich Text. Control fonts and colors. Use highlighting, bolding and italics to set off sections of the email, such as job title or required skills. Plus, if you'd like your company's logo to appear every time or even an embedded video, it's possible with JobDiva. Attachments, Videos or hyper links may also be included in your emails. There's also a Spell Check function to keep emails as crisp as possible.

Automatically Generate Records of Merges

  • Metrics of All Activities
  • Automatically Develop Records

JobDiva creates sophisticated metrics of email merge and recruiting activity without any manual data entry or maintenance. Many of these reports are available directly from the job page. With one click, you can see all candidates who have received mail merges for that position, all candidates who have responded as interested, all related recruiter activities and more. Many more metrics are also available on JobDiva's report screen.

JobDiva will note on every candidate's page when they are included in an email merge. You can see a complete history of each candidate's received merges with just a click.

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