Electronic On-Boarding

Define Standard Onboarding Packages

Customize a standard library of onboarding packages from which Users can select when processing a new hire.




Set Client Packages to Automatically Supplement Standard Packages

Client-related documents can be automatically included when a Hire is related to a Company, Contact or Parent Company that's been designated as needing its own paperwork.

Customize Documents with Rich Features

  • Auto-populate Documents
  • Electronically Sign
  • Use Web Forms

Set documents to auto-populate from information your team already has about the Candidate, the Job, the Terms and more, to remove completely the necessity for your team to edit with paperwork before it goes out. Additionally, new hires will appreciate that they don't need to complete the same information on each document as it's already on record with your company.

Give both Candidates and internal Users the ability to sign documents electronically upon receipt so that no printing or scanning is necessary.

Documents can be set as web forms so that Candidates can complete all paperwork directly in the portal.

Allow JobDiva to Read Documents and Update Internal Records

Users viewing documents returned by the Candidate can have the option to update existing information in JobDiva with any or all information that the Candidate has provided through the paperwork, such as Home Address, Emergency Contact, etc. This process is available to designated Users and is fully recorded in auditable notes, so that any overwritten information is time and date stamped.

Benefit from Secure I-9 Storage

JobDiva complies with the legal requirements for the storage of Electronic I-9 documents. Full audit trails of access are available. Instant lists of I-9s can be easily pulled. Only specifically designated noted Users are able to access returned I-9s.

Create a Separate Workflow for Medical Onboarding

Documents can be designated as related to a Candidate's professional or personal medical-standing and therefore subject to even greater privacy measures. Upon return, these documents will be funneled into a separate area where only permitted Users can view them. They can also be attached with Expiration Dates that could then, in turn, alert Users and Candidates of upcoming expiring documents.

Receive Email Updates as Documents are Returned and Packages Completed

Users will be able to opt-in for email alerts as the on-boarding of a Candidate progresses. They can receive notifications each time a Candidate provides a document for their review. Other Users may opt to only be notified once a Candidate's on-boarding package is complete.

Track Progress through Standard Reporting and Custom BI Reporting

All on-boarding activity is entirely tracked and reportable. Use JobDiva's Onboarding Reporting capabilities to see where all new hires are in their process. Reporting can also filter by Clients, Statuses, Date Assigned and much more.

Automatically Nag Candidates for Missing Documents

For some teams, the most laborious part of onboarding a new hire is constantly reminding the hire to complete their paperwork in a timely manner. JobDiva attacks this problem two-fold. First, making the process electronic removes most technical impediments to a Candidate accessing and filling out the documents. Second, a team can also set a schedule of alerts to go out on an automatic basis, reminding the New Hire at regular intervals which required documents they're still missing.

Enjoy a Totally Permission-driven Process That Ensures Only Appropriate Document Access

Every step of the process is subject to User Permissions. High-level Users can define who can Assign Onboarding Packages and who can view Onboarding Documents returned by the Candidate, with many refinements based on the User's relationship to that Candidate's Hire.

With JobDiva, On-Boarding is both completely secure and completely transparent.

Create a Separate On-boarding Process for Subcontractors and their Companies

If your company works with subcontractors whose subcontracting companies also need to complete paperwork, it is possible to create a parallel but private process where some documents will be sent to the Candidate and some the Company providing them. This is a one-time set-up that will then kick in automatically each time a Subcontractor is hired, ensuring that the process is neatly divided between two separate, secure portals.

Leverage the Option to Create a Phased On-boarding Process

JobDiva's Onboarding is highly customizable. While it's possible to assign an on-boarding package with just a click, some teams would rather onboard the Candidate in a phased manner: assigning, for example, first background check forms and a contract before assigning client and tax-related documents. This is entirely possible with JobDiva. Teams can even create check-in questionnaires for Current Employees and off-boarding packages to continually enrich their relationship with the Candidates.

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