E-Verify Integration

Leverage JobDiva, an Approved Employer Agent for E-Verify

Working with an approved Employer Agent means you can trust the validity of any E-Verify checks performed on your behalf. Our development team collaborated directly with E-Verify to make sure every possible case was covered by our technology. This feature is provided to you by JobDiva as part of our core product because, as with JobDiva's other electronic on-boarding features, we believe it will ease the administrative work of new Hires and make your team more successful.




Launch Verifications Directly from Candidate Record

Submitting a case is very simple within JobDiva and requires similar information as when submitting cases through the USCIS website. In fact, all of the training that your team members received in order for you to become an E-Verify Employer is applicable when entering new Hires and communicating with new Hires about their work eligibility once you're using JobDiva to check Employment Verification. What we offer is a consolidated platform which allows on-boarding documents to be reviewed and I-9s to be entered side by side in a single portal, rather than the user having to log in and out of various portals. We've also shrunk the interface down to one dynamic, intelligent page.

Control Workflow via Requirements and User Permissions

Only Users with a specially designated permission may submit new cases or see existing case details.

And, just as is the case when verifying an Employee's work eligibility directly on the USCIS website, all employees must have had a job offered to them which they've accepted and must have submitted a complete I-9 form. JobDiva asks Users to confirm these conditions before advancing to enter a new case, helping to ensure your staff's awareness of these compliance standards.

Utilize One Main Screen, Rather Than Flipping Through Many

Users will experience a streamlined workflow on a single screen that dynamically responds to any choices made. Many cases will produce an instant confirmation. For more complex cases with longer turnaround times, JobDiva will label the case as pending and notify Users who submitted via email once there's an update.

Report on Cases with a Click

JobDiva's E-verify Reporting provides designated Users with a secure, comprehensive view of all historical and current cases your team has filed via JobDiva.

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