JobDiva includes recruiting's world-class native texting platform, DivaBuzz. DivaBuzz anticipates a new shift in the hiring market. Candidate Experience will soon matter more than ever. Candidates need to know their employers see them as more than a resource. Candidate care counts.

DivaBuzz has been developed by JobDiva's team to solve for this problem.

Candidate engagement boosts talent acquisition. Candidates prefer to be contacted on their ground. When searching for top talent, how you approach the candidate matters. As the business world moves toward text, you need to shift the weight of your resources and efforts in that direction.

Texting done right. DivaBuzz stands alongside JobDiva's entire suite of solutions. Texts can be reported on, tracked and analyzed along with the whole of candidate and recruiter activity, giving you a better look at your engagement efforts.

Desktop or mobile. Want to send texts straight from your computer, using the Candidate Profile? Or prefer to text via your mobile device or tablet? Either way, DivaBuzz has the technology to do it.

DivaBuzz, Texting Module Highlights

  • DivaBuzz is a native solution, exclusive to JobDiva
  • Send and receive texts from desktop or mobile
  • Integrated with JobDiva's candidate/recruiting solutions
  • Inexpensive price point compared to other services
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Send bulk texts to mass amounts of candidates or contacts at once
  • Report on texts and use BI to analyze texting trends
  • Lease toll-free numbers through DivaBuzz

DivaBuzz Deep Dive

DivaBuzz delivers the power and usability you've been searching for in a text solution. Produce and send texts in a matter of moments. Transmit bulk texts to huge ranks of candidates or contacts. Join the modern age. Your competitors are adopting DivaBuzz. Are you?

DivaBuzz upgrades the modern recruiting workforce. When you can text your candidates in a moment, straight from your computer, your chances of winning new talents and clients go up. When those texts are automatically stored against a candidate's Profile, you have access to tools that others lack. No recruiting, talent acquisition and talent management platform includes a texting service this advanced.

DivaBuzz Empowers Today's Recruiter

Need to send or read a text on your mobile device (iOS/Android) or tablet? No problem. DivaBuzz functions through JobDiva's Mobile App, available both through the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Need to track how many texts are being sent, see an overview of their contents or perform Business Intelligence analyses in them? No problem. JobDiva's system reports and BI module both work in sync with DivaBuzz.

Need to send a text about a job to hundreds of candidates or contacts at once? No problem. Leveraging a toll-free number, which you can lease through DivaBuzz, DivaBuzz allows you to send bulk texts to mass amounts of candidates or contacts at once.

Adopt DivaBuzz Today

JobDiva's User Community has reported significant increases in recruiter, client and candidate satisfaction since adopting DivaBuzz. Recruiters are happy to type in a text message on JobDiva and then continue working, rather than spending time on a phone call. Candidates are happy that recruiters are reaching out via text. Clients are happy that recruiters are more attentive and recruiters are more loyal.

Embrace happiness. Adopt DivaBuzz today.

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