JobDiva Custom BI

Create Custom Dashboards and Reporting for Your Team

JobDiva's BI solution gives teams insight into their business by making front and back office data available within a flexible module that allows for full reporting and visualization. Data is logically pre-grouped to make the building of BI simple.

Cut and slice the data any way you like for maximum relevancy. Use data to build reports and dashboards as simple or complex as desired.

Introduce averages, formulas, groupings and more with just a click.

Visualize Data in Charts, Graphs, Etc.

With a click, data can be converted into gorgeous, colorful representations: pie charts, bar charts, line charts, and much more. These displays can be further customized to report on whatever dimension of the data you like. Any graphic created can be exported or added to Reports and Dashboards.

Receive Real-Time Updated Reports and Dashboards

JobDiva reports all data in real-time. There is no overnight or delayed synchronization between the User's experience and a data warehouse.

Additionally, any Custom BI can be created with filters for specific dates or to update automatically depending on the desired date range. For example, see data for this Quarter automatically update to the latest numbers upon each viewing.

Set Goals to Drive Performance

What gets measured gets done. Take BI a step further and report not just on how your team is doing but how they're doing relative to forecasts and desired performance. User performance can be converted into charts that measure against pre-defined goals, giving total transparency to their achievements.

Schedule Reports to Be Emailed

To keep team members up-to-date, any Report created can be shared via the JobDiva interface or exported, but it's also possible to create email schedules. This will send any designated team members an updated version of the Report automatically on an ongoing basis. So, instead of sending out last week's metrics every Monday morning, let JobDiva's BI do it for you in the background!

Leverage Pre-Built Templates of Reports and Dashboards

Users can build Reports and Dashboards from scratch. However, to get you started, we've also provided BI Templates which you can copy and adjust to be exactly what your business needs.

Secure Access to BI

All Custom BI creation happens behind a wall, secured by permissions only high-level Users can bestow, so that your data stays safe and your recruiters stay focused. Once any Reports or Dashboards are created, though, they can be shared with any or all members of the team – at the creator's discretion.

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