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Our Back Office Solution

From on-boarding to invoicing, JobDiva serves all your back-office needs. From essential to complex-yet-simple functionalities, JobDiva delivers top-of-the-line back office solutions.

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Fully fledged System

JobDiva is a fully-fledged system responsive to the needs of each specific team.

Our back office is designed to adapt to the specific strengths of your business. As such, JobDiva is configurable according to the unique requirements of your organization. This goes for back office solutions and the front office system—all of JobDiva has been equipped with a user experience that changes based on your business's desires. User Experience (UX) is top-of-mind for JobDiva when it comes to back office. Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces wrap around every task your back office staff conducts on a daily basis.

Back office software is essential to your organization's success. Invoicing, timesheet tracking and reporting, payroll export and so much more—JobDiva's back office solutions are exactly what you need to make sure your team is succeeding on every possible front. JobDiva's users unanimously agree: JobDiva has received the highest ratings from JobDiva's users.

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JobDiva's Immense Back Office System

•  Do you need to guide a candidate through the on-boarding process?

•  Do you need to issue invoices and perform other billing-related tasks?

•  All electronically?

JobDiva's back office system consists of clean, easy-to-use and wide-ranging functionalities that embrace the entire back office process. After using JobDiva's back office system, you will find that your back office is far more dynamic than ever. That's just how swift and intelligent JobDiva is.

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Back Office Solutions for the Recruiting Organization

When you have JobDiva's back office solution on your side, your organization is capable of tremendous growth. That means you can do more than ever before with the same amount of resources—and in less time.

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Take Digital Onboarding: With simplified, fully traceable and accountable paperless processes, your candidates and recruiters can be constantly on the same page, ensuring transparency and enhancing the user experience for all your candidates, recruiters and end customers.

Digital on-boarding means all your on-boarding documents can be transmitted, both by back office staff and by candidates, electronically. They'll also be stored in the system for further reference and use, as well as encrypted, so that only credentialed individuals can access them. Outfit your on-boarding documents with simple tags, so candidates can fill them out without needing to print, thereby saving paper and time. That's no small feat. This is back office technology for today and tomorrow.

Having a digital back office database will create a huge productivity boost for your team. But just as important is: transparency!

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Back Office Transparency

The back office might be "out of sight," but it's certainly not out of mind. To be successful, your back office needs to have a transparent, streamlined process. JobDiva makes it so.

Transparency is key here. When you can integrate front and back office processes, your team works faster and smarter. Timesheets are collected and tracked automatically. JobDiva's back office solutions help you win. With automated processes helping you manage billing, you can remove several unnecessary steps in your process. Plus, using JobDiva's back office solutions, you can integrate with a variety of external payroll systems.

You can use extensive back office reporting to get a transparent, birds'-eye view of your team's back office productivity and efficiency. Today's top back office software must be powerful, reliable, and must help you deal with the unique challenges of staffing. That's what JobDiva's back office software is designed to do.

JobDiva is the leading global Applicant Tracking, Talent Management, Customer Relations Management and Back Office software, combining all of the above into a smooth, easily usable solution.

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  • Integrate Front Office and Back Office Financial Processes
  • Collect Timesheets Electronically
  • Manage Billing
  • Integrate with Microsoft® Dynamics GP, QuickBooks®, ADP® and more!
  • View an Array of Financial Reporting
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Electronic On-Boarding
  • Define Standard Onboarding Packages
  • Set Client Packages to Automatically Supplement Standard Packages
  • Let Documents Auto-Populate
  • Allow JobDiva to Read Documents and Update Internal Records
  • Benefit from Secure I-9 Storage
  • Separate Medical-Related Documents for Additional Privacy
  • Receive Email Updates as Documents are Returned and Packages Completed
  • Track Progress through Universal Reporting and Custom BI Reporting
  • Automatically Nag Candidates for Missing Documents
  • Enjoy a Totally Permission-driven Process That Ensures Only Appropriate Document Access
  • Create a Separate On-boarding Process for Subcontractors' Supplying Agencies
  • Leverage the Option to Create a Phased On-boarding Process
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  • Let JobDiva collect EEO Data from Applicants
  • Utilize Automatically Stored Data for Reporting and Auditing Purposes
  • Comply to OFCCP Guidelines With Existing JobDiva Capabilities
  • Draw on JobDiva's Best Practices Guide
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  • Run Employment Verification program through JobDiva, one of a select group of official 'Employer Agents'
  • Determine eligibility of New Hires to work in the United States, leveraging hundreds of government databases
  • Track historical data in flexible reporting
  • Receive email updates regarding status updates
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