JobDiva for the Back Office

With DivaFinancials, JobDiva extends its stellar services all the way to the back office. DivaFinancials can help manage typical back-office processes, such as time sheets, billing, account receivables and General Ledger feeds. Because it is fully integrated into JobDiva's front-office system, it saves your company the time, effort and money needed to manage multiple systems.


  • Integrate Front Office and Back Office Financial Processes
  • Collect Timesheets Electronically
  • Manage Billing
  • Integrate with Microsoft® Dynamics GP, QuickBooks®, ADP® and more!
  • View an Array of Financial Reporting

Integrate Front Office and Back Office Financial Processes

DivaFinancials offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for staffing companies. Do everything in a single secure, high-quality system rather than piecing together a practice from various products that may not successfully mix together or may differ in reliability.

Consolidating your data offers additional benefits. You'll save time by leveraging stored information about candidates and contacts already in your recruiting process, such as contract details, pay rates and bill rates. You can also spare yourself the burden of purchasing, learning or supporting two to three separate systems.

Import Timesheets Electronically

DivaFinancials makes it easy to collect timesheets, regardless of their format.

DivaFinancials can input your consultants' time sheets automatically by synching with your clients' Vendor Management Systems. They will then be uploaded into your system, along with a screenshot of the Timesheet as it appeared in your client's system, so that you'll instantly have a record of hours worked and proof of approval.

DivaFinancials also provides your consultants and their onsite managers with a robust timekeeping and expense module. This can be accessed via any browser or our award-winning JobDiva MyTime App.

Users of DivaFinancials can also bulk import timesheets from files or manually enter them when needed.

Manage Billing

There's no need to start from scratch when creating back office records for new hires, because these records will be connected to candidates and hiring managers already in the system. Let your back office staff utilize authenticated data that's already been entered into JobDiva, either automatically or via the recruiting workflow, to speed up their process.

Within DivaFinancials, you can:

  • Create custom billing workflows and logic for each of your clients
  • Set Purchase Order dates and track PO balances
  • Incorporate client discounts, ACA costs, overheads and more for accurate margin reporting
  • Customize invoicing look and feel
  • Let JobDiva manage overtime logic for you, taking state laws into account
  • Electronically generate new invoices with just a click

Integrate with Microsoft® Dynamics GP, QuickBooks®, ADP® and more!

Leverage JobDiva's expansive set of APIs to create any integration desired or benefit from our pre-built connections with back office products such as Microsoft® Dynamics GP, QuickBooks® and Professional Advantage's 1Staff Back Office® (formerly PAM).

JobDiva also provides payroll export tools for a wide variety of payroll service providers, such as ADP®, Paychex®, BasicPay®, MAS 500®, Oasis®, Temps Plus® and more.

Get Insights via an Array of Financial Reporting and BI Tools

The reports in DivaFinancials offer clear, comprehensive answers to the questions being asked every day in your back office: Which approved hours haven't yet been billed? How is coming off assignment next week and what open assignments are they a fit for? Which employees have missing time sheets? Which purchase orders are about to expire or be overspent? How do I calculate recruiters' commissions? What's my total quarterly billing?

With just a few clicks, DivaFinancials sorts through the massive amounts of data entering the system, both manually and automatically, and produces intelligent reports for your staff to work from.

Reports can be produced in HTML, PDF or Microsoft Excel.

DivaFinancials data is also part of our Custom BI features, so that your team can build reports and dashboards to their exact specifications.

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