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JobDiva: Top Award-Winning Applicant Tracking System

JobDiva, widely regarded as the top staffing software, has won award after award. Since initially introduced to the market in 2003, this staffing solution has consistently been praised for its envelope-pushing capabilities, including its Applicant Tracking System, Customer Relations Management, Vendor Management System, and much more. It's hard to overstate how well-decorated this Applicant Tracking Software's huge toolkit of functionalities is. JobDiva's suite of applications and services is simply that beloved by the globe's most prestigious tech award panels.


JobDiva — A Talent Management System and Recruitment Tool Like Nothing You've Seen

Experts and users both agree that JobDiva's package of solutions offers the top recruiting software available, with an intuitively designed interface that users love. From candidate tracking to on-boarding, these are breathtakingly powerful software solutions for staffing agencies, recruitment companies, and HR departments. They deliver results the likes of which the staffing industry has never seen.

Which Awards Has JobDiva Won?

JobDiva's solutions have won countless awards—some of the top awards in the staffing software industry,
in fact. Here are some of these impressive honors.