Applicant Tracking System

The JobDiva Model: ATS for a New World
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A Fully Featured Applicant Tracking System

JobDiva has been developed to serve the needs of today's staffing and recruitment professional.

JobDiva is designed around the core principle of streamlining. Whatever recruiters, salespeople, back-office professionals, managers and other staffing and recruiting professionals encounter in the modern staffing workplace, it will be streamlined in JobDiva.

JobDiva is the only ATS recruiting software that places ease-of-use, user configurability and business growth at the center of the Applicant Tracking Software's model.

An Award-Winning Candidate Experience with a Top Applicant Tracking Software

JobDiva covers what matters to staffing and recruiting professionals, all from a simple but rich interface.

JobDiva's cloud-based solutions deliver Applicant Tracking tools, Talent Management functionalities, Customer Relations Management modules, sales tracking tools, back-office management systems and more, all of which is bundled in award-winning recruiting software.

JobDiva is a best-in-class suite of recruiting solutions. JobDiva is an interface between candidate, recruiter, client, on-boarding and other back-office professionals, and more.

JobDiva's software tools make up a hub for consultant hiring, communication and analysis—a space for interaction, collaboration and mutual growth. JobDiva is what recruiters use to provide best-in-class candidate experience and talent management efficiency. These solutions provide an interconnected network of talent-client-recruiter engagement, creating a powerful triad of mutually reinforcing performance.

JobDiva's all-in-one digital platform provides a range of features for the unique, complex needs of today's recruiter, from candidate care to automated sourcing and on-boarding tools.

ATS Recruiting Solutions That Deliver Results

Hiring managers and recruiters know that JobDiva's staffing solutions are the most results-oriented on the market. Combining friendly, easy-to-use technology with exceptional customer service, JobDiva delivers a productive and pleasant user experience—always, every time.

The user experience is seamless and organic, with each click leading to just the right place. There's no need to click through multiple windows. Instead, you can work from a single screen. Using JobDiva feels liberating. Users move from one productivity hub to another.

Many of JobDiva's professional recruiting solutions use automation that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. These software tools quickly locate talent the competition can't, giving JobDiva users the edge. Combined with back-office functionalities and a full on-boarding system, the smart technology-powered candidate search gives recruiting professionals the tools they need to meet the challenges of modern age recruiting.

JobDiva - The Premium Mobile Applicant Tracking System

JobDiva is simple-to-use, mobile-friendly professional recruiting solutions software. JobDiva's candidate and client management resources are easily accessible via the JobDiva Mobile App, which lets you communicate with and manage candidates and contacts on the go.

Never be without JobDiva (as long as your phone is charged!). Simply download from the iOS App Store/Google Play Store and start using JobDiva from your mobile device. Manage candidate and client relationships directly from your phone. Using this technology, you can be productive at all times. Any moment of the day becomes an opportunity for business growth and career advancement.

Because JobDiva is a candidate management experience, involving all participants in the recruiting relationship, other candidate-centric mobile Apps are also available. These Apps make it easy for candidates to find your company's jobs, apply, submit on-boarding documents and timesheets. With such ease-of-use, it's no wonder JobDiva has the most powerful Applicant Tracking solutions on the market. Bar none.

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JobDiva Introduction

JobDiva is a complete SaaS solution that delivers ATS/CRM/VMS synchronization and more. Integrating with your job board subscriptions and vendor management systems, JobDiva is the ultimate solution that streamlines all your recruitment and staffing needs. By placing recruitment, sales, back office and management into one workflow, JobDiva lifts your entire organization to a higher level of productivity. Our unique, patented "skills by years of experience" search technology makes JobDiva the ultimate staffing solution. At JobDiva we constantly deliver new capabilities and enhancements to keep our clients in sync with the most cutting-edge technology. JobDiva provides training to new and current users, live technical support and enhancement webinars, all at no additional cost to clients. Data security is a critical part of JobDiva's success as a SAAS model. We have your data fully protected. JobDiva supports multiple browsers and platforms. JobDiva is the strongest, most complete SaaS ATS/CRM/VMS solution on the market.

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SAAS Model
  • Free Yourself from Software and Hardware Maintenance
  • Access JobDiva from Anywhere
  • Inoculate Your Company from ‘Versionitis’
  • Stay Up to Date
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New Releases
  • Be Part of the Future
  • Leverage Content-Rich Best Practices Guide
  • Benefit from JobDiva's Rigorous Development Strategy
  • Filter out the Fluff, the Fads and the Distractions
  • Free Yourself from ‘Versionitis’
  • Don't Pay for Upgrades or Fixes
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  • Easily Learn an Ergonomically Mature System
  • Receive Onsite Training From Knowledgeable Staff
  • Pay Nothing for Ongoing Training
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Help and Best Practices
  • Use Content-Rich JobDiva Help Section
  • Leverage Content-Rich Best Practices Guide
  • Easily Refer to the Whats and the Hows of Functions
  • Leverage the Why's for Optimal Performance
  • Search by Phrase or Topic of Interest
  • Read Priority Topics for Essential Guide
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  • Store Your Data
  • Safely Manage Multiple Divisions
  • Control Access to System
  • Track Metrics by Division
  • Let JobDiva Manage Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Receive Security Assessments
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Cross-Platform, Cross Browser
  • Use Content-Rich JobDiva Help Section
  • JobDiva supports the following browsers
  • Google® Chrome
  • Mozilla® Firefox
  • Apple® Safari
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