ASA Staffing: The Voice Of U.S. Staffing

The American Staffing Association (ASA) is a trade group that promotes the legal and business interests of staffing companies across the country. JobDiva is a corporate partner with the ASA.

two men in the american staffing association (ASA) shaking handsWhat Is American Staffing Association ASA?

The American Staffing Association represents the business interests of the US's staffing companies in many different ways.

First, the ASA provides a digital library of resources for staffing organizations and professionals. With a membership, staffing professionals can learn all they need to know about current trends in the economy, the job market and in staffing specifically. They can also make posts in the ASA Central members' forum. 

The ASA provides a daily rundown of staffing and economic news. ASA also publishes regular magazines on staffing law and the staffing business.

ASA's legal review is particularly important in today's climate, where the law changes so quickly. ASA can teach you how to manage employee benefits, how to comply with the ACA, how to perform I9 verification checks and more.

ASA Events 

You might not know this, but ASA provides regular events for the staffing community. 

Like what? ASA has an annual conference called ASA Staffing World. This event features presentations on trendlines in staffing and staffing technology, plus opportunities to network.

ASA also has an annual Staffing Law conference. This conference, as the name indicates, is all about the law as it related to staffing.

ASA also hosts regular ASA Connect events across the country, and regularly scheduled webinars on staffing topics.

How Can ASA Help Me?

Great question. Whenever you join a trade group, you should always ask how that trade group will not only represent your industry's interests, but help you.

In staffing, information matters. The more papers you can read, and the more statistics you have access to, the better you can judge your enterprise's course. 

ASA provides these resources in the form of online learning resources and reports.

Additionally, ASA often honors extraordinary staffing employees with awards. If you or someone from your company wins this, it can be a great marketing opportunity.

What Else Should I Know?

As mentioned, ASA's regular webinars on staffing issues are very helpful. It's important to be knowledgeable about what's currently happening in the staffing space. And ASA's webinars could help you understand the larger picture.

ASA also provides other online resources, such as harassment awareness training and staffing technology. This library of knowledge could definitely be useful when you're looking for info relating to the latest regulations and technology offerings.

The American Staffing Association is sure to be a helpful resource for you. Whether you're contributing to ASA Central channel or reading the latest reports, you should definitely visit their website.

The staffing industry is often complex and multi-layered. Staffing enterprises must deal with new regulations, unpredictable economic circumstances and swings in the job market. Technology like JobDiva, and resources like ASA, help you deal with that.

Get Informed

You should become as informed as possible on the doings of the staffing industry. There are many things to know--thankfully, JobDiva's glossary is here to help you learn them.

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